Sunday, 16 June 2013

Google launches balloons Internet 20 km raising will feature

images Google has been sent by a  balloon in the sky.Google launches giant balloons over New Zealand's south Island(tekapo), carrying computer equipment that can create a high-speed internet infrastructure. Code named 'project loon', the helium filled balloons carry antennae, computers, batteries and navigational equipment, collecting power from solar panels that dangle below. Each can provide internet coverage over an area of 1200 square kilometers. The project intends to help remote areas across the world access internet coverage.
Google Bubble fiber-optic or tower Internet service not provided in areas where the Internet service provide. this mission name is project loon. This project to be successful will be more Balloons launched.
Google Balloons flight will be difficult to be controlled because the atmospheric pressure, flow, and rapid climate change.
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