Monday, 10 June 2013

When your blog has been visited by Google

Did you know that Google has been visiting your blog too?


To learn more, follow the following step


images (4)  With a good rank and regularly update the blog is visited by Google. Blogger what it means to be dead and cold, i.e. not only to visit the blog once a month, Google takes.

In short, Google is a favorite food have to be invited.

You can Google it and find out how dear the month, how often they visit your blog, it has to be learned. Blog notes that Google may now wish every blogger is because Google has a lot of fun to your blog Visitor gift you can give. Finally, if you do everything for the visitor and the food only at Google but have to be at Visitor.

When to visit your blog by Google, has taken the Google search engine to find it, enter your blog's address.

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Round the place shown on the right-click and click on the cached button

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