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Jaiphal benefits

Jaiphal is a powerful herbal alternative medicine known to have the following healing benefits:
- Jaiphal reduces stress and exhaustion
- Herbal jaiphal decreases anxiety and depression
- This natural home remedy reduces joint pain and soreness
- Jaiphal in herbal form also decreases menstrual cramping
- This natural home remedy also cures digestion issues and reduces bad breath

Jaiphal has been used as a natural herbal supplement for centuries for these and other maladies, and just recently jaiphal has started to become accepted by modern alternative medicine practitioners.
Jaiphal is known more commonly as nutmeg. What is not commonly known about the natural remedy jaiphal is the potential of this home remedy to cure many common ailments.
As a spice, jaiphal, or nutmeg, is commonly used and makes many recipes taste more flavorful and aromatic. What many don’t know is jaiphal also has anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrheal, analgesic male potency increasing properties. In addition, at a higher dose this home remedy can help a person find calm or sleep. Finally, this alternative
medicine can be helpful for less serious but more chronic problems such as sinus infection and headaches.
Please consult with a medical practitioner before using jaiphal to treat your condition with jaiphal or any other natural remedy, but here are some known ways to use jaiphal:
Digestive upsets: Take one fourth of a teaspoonful of jaiphal (nutmeg) powder in water as a home remedy.
Nausea and gas: Jaiphal mixed with honey is a natural remedy for this condition
Joint pains: Sesame oil prepared with herbal jaiphal powder applied directly on the painful joints can help as a natural home remedy
Headache: Paste of herbal remedy jaiphal and water applied to the forehead.
Insomnia: Jaiphal powder mixed with honey is an excellent home remedy for this condition.
Diminished libido: powdered jaiphal with honey as an alternative medicine.
Jaiphal’s average daily dose is up to one gram. An overdose on nutmeg can produce toxic symptoms like severe acidity, nausea, and anxiety, so again it’s important to consult with a medical practitioner before starting to take jaiphal or any other natural remedy.
Examples of Jaiphal Preparation
Jaiphal can be prepared as a home remedy in several different ways, depending in what symptom you are trying to address. Since it is such a wide-ranging natural cure in Ayurvedic medicine, it presents many possibilities as far as how you would apply it. For example:
- If you are using jaiphal as a home remedy for pain in your extremities - your arms, hands, feet or legs - mix a powder made from jaiphal into massage oil and use it like you would normally use the massage oil.
- For depression and anxiety, an Ayurvedic cure involves taking jaiphal seeds, crushing them, and using them as a tea that you drink twice each day.
- For issues related to the complexion of your skin, make a paste of jaiphal that includes some milk and apply it to the area of skin you want to improve as a home remedy.
As you can see, jaiphal is a natural herbal remedy that is not only powerful but also quite flexible as far as how it can be used. As with many herbal remedies in Ayurvedic medicine, careful preparation is key, and you should ask an experienced practitioner for the correct amounts of ingredients to use so you don;t use too much or too little.
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Jaiphal (Nutmeg) for restful sleep
Jaiphal has been known as a home remedy and natural cure for sleeping problems. Taken correctly, jaiphal (nutmeg) can help a person calm their mind and relax and get ready for a deep restful sleep. In fact, many who have had sleep problems from insomnia to early morning awakening have tried jaiphal as a possible natural cure. But is it as simple as taking some nutmeg and sprinkling it on food? Not really, given that you need just the right concentration of jaiphal to help you feel tired and ready for bed.
One way to prepare jaiphal (nutmeg) for use as a home remedy against insomnia and other sleep problems is to make a tea. You simply pour about a pint of boiling water into crushed nutmeg, let it cool off, then strain. Then heat it up again and drink. About a cup of jaiphal tea a half hour before you go to sleep should do the trick. One warning though – you should only use about 3-5 grams of jaiphal in this mixture – more than that and the nutmeg might actually have the opposite effect and make you agitated.
Jaiphal tea made simply like described here may be a great treatment for other issues as well, and a potential cure for fitfull sleep!
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Jaiphal (Nutmeg) – Home Remedy and Cure for Acne
While most people know jaiphal by its more common name, nutmeg, most do not realize the incredible healing properties of this spice. Listed in the first post are some of the more common uses, but jaiphal also has some less common but equally powerful uses as a home remedy and cure. Its no wonder that jaiphal is becoming known as an incredible all-in-one home remedy.
For acne breakouts, grind up the jaiphal (nutmeg) – ideally from the nut form as opposed to the form you get for cooking. Then add warm milk – enough to create a paste. Apply this mixture on the affected area. This jaiphal mixture should clear acne pimples as well as anything you would buy at a pharmacy. You should test the mixture first on a small area, especially if using on the face, to make sure you will not have any allergic reaction.
The mechanism of action of jaiphal, whether for the above use in reducing acne, or any of the other uses listed here, is not completely known, though the results are well documented. Nutmeg is a common household spice, and yet it has incredible healing benefits as a home remedy and cure – and this use against acne is amazing in how easy, elegant, and powerful it is.
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