Saturday, 15 June 2019

Badli GR secondary and High sec.14.6.2019

The teacher is not usually ordinary; The teacher who teaches children to teach lesson is the mastermind of education. The teacher's attitude towards the students studying in the school, the method of teaching, their bonding with the children, etc. causes children to respect the teacher. In such circumstances, if such a teacher is in another place If changed? It is natural that children get hurt. Such a matter has come out. Children have stopped the movement to stop the transformation of a teacher. At the government high school in Velaiagram, Tiruvallur in northern Chennai, students were informed that their English teacher, G. God, has been replaced by another school in this area. The students and the students grabbed their teacher. That was the kind of thing that teacher was able to do. G. God Government is an English teacher in school. They taught English subjects from class 6 to class 10 in standard subjects. G. God taught children not as a teacher but as well as their children, so they were all the favorite teachers. When he left for the children on Wednesday, the children started the movement against this order. The parents of the students also joined the children. According to school principal Principal Arvindan, they understood the parents of the children agitating about explaining the transfers rule.
 But children are still stubborn. Hence, the Principal asked the MLA of his constituency to stop the transfer and asked to avoid 10 days of transfer. On this, G. Bhagwan said that when I was leaving the office on the transfer day, the children surrounded me. He took the keys of my scooter. One took away my bag only. They started crying to me. They dragged me into the class room. I have not only earned salaries here, but also earned love and respect of people.
The students of High School boycott the hunger strike on the hunger strike demanded the change of the teacher to stop the change. Students of Ranpur city are going to change with the promotion of a teacher who has been serving for 17 years. The birthplace of High School is located in Puranpur. This high school is studying 800 to 900 students. He has been a secondary teacher since 2002 in the school and he has been working as a teacher since 17 years in this high school.
 Since this teacher has to be replaced with promotions as the principal of his village high school, to stop the change of this teacher due to the high school students, on Monday, all the students sit on a hunger strike with the banner of "Jabtak Suraj Chand reshana Vanraj Sar ka Naam Namaste" on the school grounds. And this was said by the students that if this teacher changes, then we lock the school Movement should rastaroko

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