Friday, 14 June 2019

CM's Announcement: Cash Assistance Will Be Provided To Migrants From Hurricane

CM's announcement: Cash assistance will be provided to migrants from hurricane

TCM's announcement: Immigrating adults will get Rs. 60 will be paid
Three lakh people were evacuated after the impact of air. All will be allowed to go to their home after noon.
News 18 Gujarati: The State Government has discharged all the arrangements because the gas is completely dissipated. Chief minister Vijay Rupani has announced that cashless payments will be given to three lakh people displaced due to the gas risk. Government adult person gets Rs. 60 and children Rs. 45 Cashless pay. The government will pay cash to the next 3 days.
CM Rupani made the final review of the situation in the control room this morning. We are free from disaster. The air is completely moving towards the west. The officers and ministers who call back are called in the afternoon. 3 lakhs of unplanned people will be sent back home.
CM Rupani said, "The government will pay 60 cashless days of the day for three days. Cash for 60 bucks for 45 adult for child will be sent. Electricity supply is normal in all villages excluding 144 villages out of 2000 villages. On the way to the road, the problem has become normal. By the evening the ST will become normal. "

He said, "Tomorrow school school will also be started. We have come out of a great calamity by the blessings of Somnath Dada, Kaliya Thakur and Harshad Mata. Gujarat government has got a lot of experience in preparing for the fight against calamity. According to Vijay Rupani, there are 199 sisters in this area who have been given birth and have been given a hug. The system was concerned about small issues. In the yard, the grain did not fall apart, from the farming department to the child and the women welfare department was working.
Weather officials said Cyclone Vayu, with wind speeds equivalent to those of a Category 1 hurricane, is set to cross the coast with sustained wind speeds of 145 kph to 155 kph (90 mph to 96 mph), and could gust as high as 170 kph (106 mph).
The state government said it had begun moving about 3,00,000 people from the most vulnerable areas into shelters.
"We have started evacuation in coastal districts today morning," a Gujarat disaster management official said on Wednesday.
Gujarat Chief Minister, Vijay Rupani, has asked the military and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) for help with rescue and relief efforts if the cyclone causes widespread damage and disruption.
Home Minister Amit Shah also urged officials to ensure swift restoration of utilities such as power, telecoms and drinking water if they are disrupted by the cyclone.
The India Meteorological Department (IMD) warned the cyclone could hold up the progress of annual monsoon rains, as the storm drew rain clouds from over the sea.
Gujarat is also home to large refineries and seaports near the storm's path.
India's biggest oil refinery, owned by Reliance Industries, is in Gujarat, though a company official said the cyclone was expected to weaken by the time it reached the Jamnagar-based refinery.
"But in case the course changes or intensifies, the refinery is ready for any contingency," a Reliance Industries' official added, declining to be identified as he was not authorised to speak to the media.
Sikka Ports and Terminals Ltd, which handles crude oil and refined products for Reliance Industries Ltd, halted vessel berthing at a western port on Wednesday over a cyclone warning, according to a port notice.
The company's ports also handle oil and refined products cargo for Bharat Oman Refineries Ltd, a subsidiary of state-run Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd.
Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd is preparing to move employees at two ports it runs to safer areas, a spokesperson said.
"Our Mundra and Tuna ports will be closest to the path," the spokesperson added. "All the necessary precautions are being put in place."
Nayara Energy, owned by a consortium led by Russia's Rosneft, said it was monitoring the situation and also taking precautionary measures at its Gujarat refinery.
In May, Cyclone Fani, the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane, killed at least 34 people on India's eastern coast, destroying houses and ripping off roofs.
Authorities had evacuated more than 12,00,000 people in advance of the storm, after an even more powerful cyclone in 1999 killed about 10,000 people and caused damage running into hundreds of crores of rupees.
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