Sunday, 16 June 2019

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Divya Bhaskar has played an important role in creating social and economic revolution in Saurashtra-Gujarat and by presenting it as a conscious activist of the society, this newspaper has achieved the place in the hearts of readers ...... 

Divya Bhaskar's year-2011-12 prize draw ceremony Naresh Patel, the prominent businessman, young leader and Khodaladham dreamer, uttered the above words. Were there. On Thursday, the prize draw of Divya Bhaskar's Rajkot and Jamnagar edition was taken. In which, a large number of distributor brothers were present. The first prize for a motorcycle in Rajkot's prize draw was allocated to Gondal and Paddhri lucky customers. When, in Jamnagar, the first prize went to Jamkhandaliya's customer. Chief guest Naresh Patel, addressing the distributor brothers present in the program organized in the atmosphere of family introspection, said that Divya Bhaskar has made a radical change in journalism and the press release throughout the world. Divya Bhaskar has succeeded in creating the entire family newspaper due to the distribution of reading material according to the customs of each age group and every level. Apart from programs like Tilak Holi, Plantation, Free Citizen's, Free Computer Education etc., he also congratulated Bhaskar Group's Managers and employees on the issue of 'Bhaskar' campaign on gutka ban. The program started from Diprapragat. Visitors and devotees of the devotees were welcomed by Pushpagupukha by the employees of Divya Bhaskar. Planning was received by the guidance of Unit Head Jayadeep Mehta. S. like this. D. Head Rakesh Chaturvedi did a Thanksgiving. Admin News Editor Jagdish Acharya did it. For the success of the plan, the Circulation team took a great deal of courage. Divya Bhaskar executive editor Kana Bantwa thanked all the distributors for the cooperation and cooperation given to distributors for the progress of Divya Bhaskar. He said that Divya Bhaskar promised to give a newspaper according to the wishes of the readers. In order to fulfill this, he took the charge of conducting surveys, discussions, etc., saying that Divya Bhaskar is not only a newspaper, not only news, but in a way, it is a powerful means of resonating readers' feelings in a genuinely manner. As such, he thanked millions of readers who contributed to the various activities of Divya Bhaskar for socio-economic change.
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