Thursday, 18 July 2019

Bin Sachivalay Exam Model paper 7

A paper has been put here for the preparation of the Uncategorized Test. The specialty of this paper is that questions from this full syllabus have been asked. This file will be useful to everyone.First of all, when preparing for any test, the basic thing is that you can practice practice paper. Keep an evaluation periodically from what you have read. This paper will be very useful to you for this. This paper will be put on this website every day.
Zindagi can not be divided into different pieces. We should work for so many hours, we should rest for a long time, churn us so much that only moments will live for us only. Sometimes it can not even be decided that we lead life, that life leads us? Something else has happened and it is completely different. The bed of planes goes back. The usual work is incomplete. In all these situations man has to work. It is heard from people's mouth that eating a little bit of two times and so much scary Most people today are working hard for survival. When it comes to meditation on some surveys or studies, it would have been so good to have done such a thing!
How many hours a person should work in a week? About this, a study was conducted by the Australian National University. It was found in the study that one should not work more than 39 hours in a week. Working out more time increases the chances of physical and mental health hazards. If you count on the remaining six days of Sunday, 39 hours a day, then every day for six and a half hours. It's 7.8 hours, five days a week. There are five companies operating system in foreign countries. Get two days leave In our country there are five days job in some companies. The people who work in such a company are lucky. Some of the other companies are also on the job that they call on Sunday. The people who have lost their lives also go to work. Eventually he has to run the house. Most people have to work six days a week. Now the job has not been eight, but it has been nine hours. An hour's lunch break is considered. If you are in a job, some babalas are still running at the time of eating. If you have an office away from home then you have to count it also. All my passes go back ten to twelve hours of work. When does man rest in this? Now, due to the smart phone, mails related to the job are coming. Some mails have to be answered immediately. Boss instructions are also being received on WhatsApp. Now the situation is such that even if you have taken a holiday, there is nothing like a holiday. Jobs are on the phone.
Let us start with a joke about memory. There was a brother. He said, I was thinking that, what would happen to English thinking? I did a lot of things, I was tired of thinking, but I did not remember, say it! The science of memory is so intense that science has not yet solved its secrets. Someone's memory is so intense that he remembers the smallest thing. Years ago, the event was so precise as if the event had just happened. There have been many such incidents in our lives, which we want to know about, if it goes well, then it is better. However, it is not forgotten. What is your life story that you want to forget? Brain memory is such that some things remain in front of the desktop. All attempts to forget despite lakh attempts have failed.

Have you ever thought that, if we could not forget any of the things of life then how long our lives would have been! How many things of childhood are erased? We were surprised when we told our family that, when you were young or doing it while doing it, we were surprised. However, some incidents have not been forgotten as if they are heart-shaped on their minds. Alzheimer's erases our memories. Everyone knows about this disease, but many other diseases of the mistake are still the mystery. In Europe, a book called 'Fergotton Girl' has released good discussions. This is a storyteller. When the 32-year-old Naomi Jacob of Britain wakes up one day, she remembers all the memories of the past 17 years! There was no mention of what had happened in 17 years! 32-year-old Naomi herself began to understand the age of 15. It's like behaving like a teen agar. Naomi also forgot that she has a ten-year-old daughter. Psychiatrists say that Naomi has a rare disease called Disexual Amnijia. One reason for this disorder is its own fantastic life too. Naomi was taking drugs. At the age of six, there was a rape on it. When she was twenty, her boyfriend tried to kill her by pressing her throat. Naomi has written another book too. The name is 'I Walk Up in the Future'. There is no harm to such mysterious cases of memory. If you listen to all the talk, then our opinions will be confused.

We know the story of Abhimanyu of Mahabharata well. When Abhimanyu was in his mother's womb, he learned Chakravyuh's art. Abhimanyu remembered what was happening in the womb. Is this possible? It's a puzzle on today's date. However, Spanish famous artist Salvador Daly wrote in his autobiography "The Secret Life of Salvador Daly": "I do not remember many childhood stories, but remember one thing that was in the mother's womb!" We have not only heard of some of the persecutors 'Jain Minds' memory, but have seen the naked eye and also listened to our relatives.
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