Sunday, 21 July 2019

Bin Sachivalay Exam Model paper 8

A paper has been put here for the preparation of the Uncategorized Test. The specialty of this paper is that questions from this full syllabus have been asked. This file will be useful to everyone.First of all, when preparing for any test, the basic thing is that you can practice practice paper. Keep an evaluation periodically from what you have read. This paper will be very useful to you for this. This paper will be put on this website every day.
More than a dozen children in the city of Hamburg, Germany, have attracted attention from their parents on the rally. These children were shouting that, VR Hear, VR Loud, VR Loud Bicos You Rooking at Your Mobile Phones You have to stick to the mobile phone all day, so we have to do this. There were posters in children's hands. It wrote, Play with us, not with smart phones. Give us your time. 
We need you The rally was led by seven-year-old Emil Rusting. He addressed the rally and said that this is a message for every parent of the world, that you stay away from mobile phones and play with your children. 
Video clips of the children's rally are now uploaded by celebrities from around the world on their social media and say, "Listen to these children. Several organizations, including the University of Michigan, are organizing events about children's rallies.
Parents' mobile editions cite surveys and research on the effects of offspring on it, saying that if you wish your offspring well, use the mobile work well.

The video of this rally is video viral. The children's movement is getting support from the whole world. A large number of parents are saying, we have taken your point seriously. Now we are alerted. If you look carefully and think, then one thing will come to the point that we have come to a situation where there is something else. 
As soon as the parents refuse, they immediately sit in the mobile. At that time it is not the focus of what the boy or daughter does. Young children can not say anything to their parents, so they keep quiet. The situation is a bit different for us there. 
Even young children are seated carrying mobiles. The offspring does not have a storm, so the parents grab the mobile in his hand. Many parents, though, feel that our father or our baby is smart enough to find the game he has played and start playing. 
How come today's generation has not been smart? No parent thinks that by doing so, we are digging the dead of our children. If some kids give mobile hands and start a cartoon, then they are eaten. 
Some parents have mobile phones in the hands of a boy so that guests can sit quietly when the guest arrives. 
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