Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Bin sachivalay Question paper 100 Question with answer By ICE

At the time of the tenth-grade examination of the son or daughter in the house, we also unknowingly add to the seriousness of the atmosphere. It is believed that in this examination, I think that Ganga is a dhaya. The child also starts believing. Jung won as soon as he finished studying. Here are a few errors. Jung does not win after getting a driving license, Jung starts. Junk does not win jobs, it starts. Getting started to start a business, getting money etc, or after getting married or taking a new or independent home, does not win the war, Jung starts. The exam is also similar. After the exams have been completed or after the results have come, the winner does not win, it starts.
Examinations have been taking place for thousands of years, have been given. What is the oldest exam? Arjuna's Drona examination comes in memory. When the Pandavas, including Arjuna and the Kauravas, were examined against them, Arjun was seen as a symbol of the bird's eye only during the examination. For Arjuna, it was not enough to just leave the bird's eye target and leave the arrow.It is important to target the target during the examination. But more importantly, you have to master your skills. Arjuna was not lost in the purses found by piercing his eyes. The real test was to happen in the Kurukshetra grounds. If any student examines the results or the result of his life, then it becomes difficult to win in Kurukshetra.

Examination in life is of limited importance. Everything has a limited importance in life because if one thing is going to make the only important thing in life, then do not pay attention to the other dozen things that support it. We do not believe that the car will not run without petrol. If there is more than a dozen things like oil in oil and tire with petrol, in the absence of which the car does not rise further, and if it grows, then it will be missed a little away. Giving so much importance to one occasion of life, the expectations that everything will get adjusted in the future due to that event, and when the expectations are not fulfilled, the man becomes depressed.

After learning, after the best marks came in the last exam, hope is born that will get a job now and the life-setld. Jobs are not easily available. There are more qualified candidates in our world than ours. Life is not set-up even if you get a decent job after taking a lot of effort. Every day you have to show your skills during the job. Your performance will be monitored every six months, your KA (Key Result Area) marks will be decided. If you have to move forward, you will have to learn new responsibilities and risk your risk to get better opportunity in other places.

Think of getting settled after getting the earner after marriage. good. But remember that there is no set-up by getting married. After the marriage, the exam papers are on the rise. After the birth of the child and after the birth of the child, and after giving away the offspring, after the retirement, there are still more question papers to be solved. Ask any senior citizen if any. From old age standards to physical abnormalities, what are some of the things they have to do about the past and future thoughts of their life. Ask for

As long as this is life, the examinations are the same examinations. Every time you get a driving license after getting a steering wheel, it's time for your exam. Driving, even in the parking lot, one test is done in one hour. You are tested at every moment of life and no such exams are small or big. If there is a small problem in the machine and you have to neglect it, then tomorrow, there will be a major problem and the machine will fall off tomorrow. Having two medicines for small examinations of life will result in a long-term failure of the results. With full concentration on bigger examinations, satisfying the petrol tank will be full, but it will be known later that it did not get air check in the tire. If you have a feeling of ganga nahiya feeling of victory in winning a test, take a little longer and think that this is a very trivial exam, but avoid being oblivious to it. Finish with two of Amitashankar Joshi's poetic poems:

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