Monday, 15 July 2019

Due to GPS, our brain is rusting!

Research done by a University of Britain came out that it was the switch of some parts of our brain while using GPS! In our country, there are so many turbulence that Google also eats socks. Have you experienced this kind of experience?
Mobile has radically changed man's life. If you look at the number of items in the mobile, including cameras, radios, TVs, movies, watches, hotel menus, reservations, the list is very long. You name it, everything is in the mobile. If there is anything then the man immediately takes it in the mobile hands. Mobile has made our life very easy. The five-by-five screen opens the whole world against us. Now there is no excuse to remember anything. Whatever is to be known, it can be known by giving a blow. One of the misconceptions of the mobile is to say singing and singing one after another. One thing is that, due to mobile, people do not give much trouble to the brain. People's memory is declining. First of all, phone number Now it is a situation that we have to remember our own number. Entertainment is the world's largest handheld tool.

If all this is one and a lot of imports, then GPS is. If you want to go to someone else's house, we will tell you that you send the location, Thus, nowadays printed inventions are not there, even though some programs and cards are still in use. It also has an address scanning code. Keep the mobile screen on camera and open the way. Not only will the brain run. It is also said where to turn. Actually, there is a lot of fun service, but due to this there is a lot of fun to remember the roads.

In the past, many people claimed that we do not forget that 'we do not forget the path that we once walked.' Find out if you go after years later. Everyone has their own tricks to keep track of the roads. Remember a shop, remember a road to a building, a tree, or some other place in the brain. After all efforts do not get an address, ask someone to ask, where did the brother come? Meet the story! However, the GPS has now ended all the difficulties. What changes do we have on our brains using Navigation? Amir Behyan Jawadi, a neuroscientist from the University of Kent, UK, did a research on it. He mapped the brain detector's brain with GPS and without GPS. After his study, he said that when we use GPS to find ways, some part of our brain gets switched off. There is a part called Hippocampus in our brain. This part of the brain works in memory and navigation. At the same time, the Prefrontal Cortex helps us to move on the road and make a decision. The people who used GPS were discontinued by this part of the brain. Without this GPS, this part of his brain became active. This study was also done on taxi drivers in London. It was also true in this case. This kind of experience is happening to all of us. When GPS is on, we stop following our brain and follow GPS. Do not care about what is happening on the surrounding roads. It is said that the pleasure of finding a destination is only on the go. GPS has forgotten the way to enjoy the road.

GPS means that the Global Positioning System has its own separate and intriguing story. Now many private companies operate the Navigation system using the Satellite. There is a huge application other than Google map that shows us the path. When GPS started, it was not for civilians. The American government left the first satellite for military and air force in February 1978, 41 years ago. Today Radio is roaming in America's 33 satellite space for navigation only, which operates the United States Air Force. Radio Navigation has played an important role in securing air travel. Today the GPS has come in the bike too. At one time this system was very rare.

The updation of Google Map continues. If Google is on-the-go and there is traffic jam then Google tells us. Even so, everyone has had an experience that Google has fired. Sometimes it also happens that, where the path is not there, it is called to turn. Our lolls are also such that Google also gets confused. There are ten ways to get to one place. Google sometimes draws us on the road set in it and sometimes lays it on the other side. Google is active for such a lack of control. Now there are suggestions of directions in the local languages ​​as well. Whatever it is, there is a GPS, a lot of work things. If some part of the brain is closed for a while, then where is the special difference? Just let us reach wherever we want to reach
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