Thursday, 25 July 2019

Exam preparation Model paper 10

A paper has been put here for the preparation of the Uncategorized Test. The specialty of this paper is that questions from this full syllabus have been asked. This file will be useful to everyone.First of all, when preparing for any test, the basic thing is that you can practice practice paper. Keep an evaluation periodically from what you have read. This paper will be very useful to you for this. This paper will be put on this website every day.
The biggest cause of depression is loneliness. Loneliness is being felt in many of our homes. Julian Holt Lunnysted, professor of the American University of Broadway, says that being with the people is the basic requirement of everyone. To stay alive does not matter how much it is.
The man is slowly being 'isolated'. There were united families at one time. The house is not empty. Nobody found anyone to talk, to gossip or to have fun. Now the Joint Family has been in the extinct category. Families have grown small. Not only that, all of them have become so busy that nobody has time for someone. Previously everyone had a close relationship with the neighbors. Now the relationship with the neighbor has worked or the name has been enough.

The number of people living alone increases. 3.4 million people live in Europe and Australia alone. We do not even have this number small and there continues to grow. Loneliness Stress affects the hormone and people suffer from different types of mental disorders. People are now connected to the technology by technology. Becomes a group of family and friends on WhatsApp and people share their feelings. Looks at the face with a video call. In the same way, the same people are happy, they connect with attachment. However, even after an extent, virtual connectivity does not work. The person is finally in touch with someone.

Now what is the most searched on Google or if you feel lonely? Different types of tips are coming to meet. If you do this, tell anyone that I have to talk, I feel very alone. Many other roads are also shown. Join any group, keep yourself 'solo date' with yourself, meaning go alone to see that movie. If you do not have fun, sit in a train, bus or plane and come back after dizziness. Read something, write, let's, dance, sing, this kind of variety is called Nusakya. The fact is that if a person does not have fun, then he will not have fun anymore. 
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