Thursday, 11 July 2019

GSRTC Bharti | ST Driver Bharti Jaherat 2019

The Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation will soon conduct recruitment process at various places. It has been decided to start new recruitment on retired employees. By the year 2020, the ST Corporation will have 5300 vacancies. After recruitment of more than 6,000 employees during 2017-19, recruitment of 5300 new employees has been started again. With 2,224 drivers and 2343 conductor will be recruited, keeping in mind the status of operating buses and retired employees throughout the state by 2020.Every day Kutch of S. K., transporting approximately 80,000 tourists of Kutch. T. Details of driver recruitment being a statewide big fraud are coming out in the service. Tomorrow, again 118 pilgrims will be ordered, but there has been allegation that the candidates of Kutchi candidates have been shown to be the only ones. According to the details received from the sources of STs, ST Fixing the driver's space in the department is a large number of vacancies 7800 has decided to hire the drivers from the salary. The rules have been kept so that, for five years, to serve in one place and not to change for five years without any other punishment or other reasons. However, a thousand drivers who were selected last year, from which Kutch was appointed 159.
There is a doubt that these 159 drivers have been changed in Kutch in just one year ago, in a single year the collective has been changed in their hometown in the same year. There is something going wrong in recruitment. Why change out of the district even after not changing for five years? Most of these employees are from Banaskantha, Sabarkantha and Himmatnagar districts and there they are transferred to their hometown. The researchers expressed their suspicion of being in the recruitment process somewhere lololol. Because when the tide declaration is announced, it is said that a graduate should be required, afterwards the standard 12 passes are also taken. Kutch candidates have always been accused in the recruitment of STs, it is alleged that the STs The corporation has also assigned this recruitment to a private contractor. If there is a scope in the scandal that the contractor has selected the candidates in the state after the selection of the candidates, then if there is a scrutiny in the state level, then there is a great possibility that a big mistake can come out. Some employees working in Kutch for years have said that we are now undergoing retirement but the recruitment process for the last few days has not been done according to the rules and if this is the case then in the next five years Kutch will not have any driver-conductor in the entire Kutch section. There is a definite determination. It does not stop here, because last year's recruits have been changed. Now again the 118 drivers have to give appointment letters to the poor fairs.
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