Monday, 15 July 2019

Have you ever been angry at God?

Let me go, I have come to trust only from God. If there is a God, then what will happen? Sometimes there are occasions in everyone's life when they have questions about God's existence. People also say that there is a God of a good man. A good person sometimes says that, where is God? Why are you not feeling so? Ours is only going to get saddened. The person who lives on the path of God, lives honest life. Some do not want to be bad, others help themselves as much as they can. Whenever there is a crisis, it is annoyed to God. Atheist, who does not believe in God, is also sometimes offended by God. Do you remember that dialogue called Amitabh's face in 'Deewar'? Amitabh Shankar goes to Lord's Temple and says that, happy today, a multiplicity Hong Tum Then he expresses his anger by God's face and asks, 'What is my belief that the whole life is based on faith in you?'

In each and every life, it has happened that there is no fault of his own, even if there is no bad intention, nothing has happened with him. At that time man questions man against God. The person who loves so much, leaving the person who has blind faith, betrays it, despite hard work, failures, life seems easy, and suddenly there will be an event that everything will be tainted when man becomes God But it gets annoyed. When a loved one dies, even when he dies, trust comes from God. If someone goes to God's view, gets an accident, and if he dies, it does not have to happen that he was coming down to you and why did you do it with him?

Have you ever been offended by God in any way? Have you got angry with God? If you are the world, you are not alone in the world. A survey was conducted in the United States, in which 62 percent of people admitted that they were sometimes upset with God. This survey, published in the American Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, was conducted by Julie XLin, a psychologist of the US Western Reserve University. Julie says that there is no exclusion from those annoying to God. Well educated women and men are included. As many as poor people are annoyed, they also get angry. This was more in the youth. Although this study has happened in the United States, but in every country, sometimes it is like this that I got to give God such suffering? What is my fault that the Lord gave me such a punishment?

Why do people complain about God, God, God, God, Parmatma or anyone who believes in Him as Almighty? The answer is that he has the highest faith on it. They are devoted to them. He believes that God will prevent me from coming to a crisis. Will protect me from every problem. When this does not happen, it also gets angry at God. When a saint was asked about this, he said that people love God, trust him, so he has the right to be offended. You are most upset and angry at the person you love. Your rights here also play an important role. Some people understand that life is not the same in every day. The up-downs remain the same. Sometimes it feels like frustration, sometimes disappointment is also going to happen. When it comes to tribulation, suffering will occur only. Like happiness, sadness only reveals our senses. Those people who understand life are saying the same thing, O Lord, you give sorrow, but before you give strength to endure suffering. I do not have enough strength to break into any circumstance.

If you listen to some people's life, then it really happens that God does not have any idea of ​​this? God knows that he has forgotten it. Many people are strong with that even if there are lakhs of hazards, they are natural. To hear the words of their mouth that God gives suffering only to those who have the power to bear it. Everyone has their own ideas about the essence of the world. Everyone believes in God in their own way. Whatever it is, one thing is that, faith in God keeps life in check. Every religion says that, give up your suffering, pain, sorrow, problems and worries, it will do right and good. If there is talk of being upset or angry with God, there is only a little displeasure if there is love. Overall faith is enduring. Even after being offended, man goes back to God.
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