Friday, 12 July 2019

Is there any difference between night and day people?

Every child's birth proves that God still has complete confidence in mankind. There are so many things about birth. It has also been said that birth and death are not a matter of man's hand. It is the same as the assumption of the above. It is different from the fact that many people make a certain day or time in order to make a cesarean, otherwise the time of birth is in nature's hands. There are many mysteries about birth which are constantly working hard and researched. One question that has been debated is that, are people born in the night different than those on birth day? This question can be asked in a wrong way, that the birth-born day is different from those born in the night? The answer is yes, yes. Both have a lot of personality in them. One study says that people born in the night-time are thoughtful, philosophical, more creative, wonderful imaginative, creative, active, confident, and same-minded.

It does not mean that those who are born on the day of birth are weak. The characteristics of this are quite different. If you look at some people born at night, Bernard Shaw, Rajneesh, J. Krishnamurthy, Napoleon Bonaparte, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Rabindranath Tagore, Maithilisaran Gupta and Harivansh Rai Bachchan were born at night time. People born on the day include our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Sachin Tendulkar, Morarji Desai, Amitabh Bachchan, Dhirubhai Ambani etc. Astrology is to say that if the exact time of a man's birth is important, then the night and day are important, do not they? Astrologer Dr. Pankaj Nagar says that the Sun has more impact on people born in the night than people born on the moon and in the day. The effect of the powerful moon is more on the mind. Born in the night, there are philosophers, literary writers, and intellectuals. It can not be said that they are not born on the day, but people born at night in the compartment of the day-to-day are more impressive. People born on the day get the glory, popularity and name of the sun. The moon's strength in the horoscope of people born in the night between Sud Satam and Vat Samtam is greater. The chances of success of those people are also high.

A child was born at night and one day the parents who were born were studied together. In it many parents said that the child born on the day of birth was born more happy and uninterrupted.

There are few types of research here. There is also a question that, are people born on the day that day? In the United States, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Center for Health Statistics, a survey done on children's birth certificates states that more children are born during the day ie 8 o'clock in the morning. It was also proven that the biggest birth was on Tuesday. Compared to Monday or Sunday, early morning or more late in the morning compared to Monday to Friday.

Are there any differences in the sleep of people born in the night and day? No one stops talking about it. However, astrologers say that on the day of Amas, sleepers get better sleep. Those people are also calm-minded and some are uncomfortable. The food is also high. People who are born on the day of Poonam are less sleepy. There are worries in small things.

Experiences of child-bearing doctors are also wonderful. A female gynecologist said that we enjoy the beautiful creation of God every day. When we cry baby for the first time after childbirth, our faces get scared. You may have heard of that saying that your child is crying, and there is no happiness beyond mother's happiness, only once in every mother's life, and at the time of her baby's birth! After a lot of pain, the baby gets nailed and the face becomes nicely with that cry. It all forgets the suffering. The doctor said, we are witness to the everyday of these weird events. Another gynecologist also talked a lot. He said smiling, he said that all other doctors plan their own day. It is also planning on how many operations will be done from morning to night. We do not have anything like a day plan. Our day plan only determines nature. Even if planning for our nights is also natural. The mother gets the trick, so run. Research is being done on the health and longevity of people born and day-night. Thus, even though such studies do not seem to have special meaning, sometimes it also has a new direction in science. If nothing else happens, then such a thing arises. By the Way, when were you born? That day at night?
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