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KGBV Bharti 2019 full Notification PDF | Kasturba Gandhi balika Vidyalay Bharti PDF

Repeated guidelines for implementation of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas)
The Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) scheme was instituted by the Government of India in August 2004 to establish upper primary level residential schools for girls belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other backward classes and minority communities in difficult areas. The Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya scheme runs as an independent scheme but since April 1, 2007 it has merged with SSA program as an independent component of the program, in harmony with the Sarma Shiksha Abhiyan for the first two years for women education and MS. Is there.
  • Scope / Scope of the scheme
The EBBs scheme was set up in early 2004 in educationally backward blocks, where rural female literacy is below the national average (46.13%: Census 2001) and racial illiteracy is higher than the national average (21.59%: Census 2001). Schools in these blocks can be established in the following areas:
    Concentration of Aboriginal population, with low female literacy and / or out-of-school girls; Concentration of Scheduled Tribes and other backward classes and minority populations with low female literacy and / or large numbers of out-of-school girls.
    Areas with low female literacy; Or
    Areas with large numbers of small, busy-living areas that are not suitable for school
The standard criteria for repeatable blocks with effect from April 1, 2008 include the following:
    An additional 316 educationally backward blocks with rural female literacy below 30%; And
    94 towns / cities with minority concentrations (as per the list set by the Ministry of Minority Affairs) with female literacy below the national average (53.67%: Census 2001).
  • Objective
Gender disparities are still found in rural areas and in disadvantaged communities. On looking at the trends, there is a significant difference in enrollment of girls compared to boys at the elementary level, especially at upper primary level. The objective of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya is to provide food facilities at the educational level. Quality for girls from disadvantaged groups by establishing residential schools Financial education and access to fixed.
As per recurring expenditure per school, Rs. At the expense of Rs. 19.05 lakhs and non-recurring expenditure, the residential schools will be opened between 500 and 750 in the planned manner on the 10th plan period at an estimated cost of Rs. 26.25 lakhs.
Such residential schools will be set up only in backward blocks that do not have residential schools for girls' primary education under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and any other scheme of tribal affairs. By working sequentially with other departments / ministries, Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya is the first. District level authority of SSA at district level planning time It should be ensured by the authorities. To facilitate the selection of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, the list of educational complexes run by the Tribal Affairs Ministry has been enclosed.
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