Monday, 15 July 2019

Now fear, illusion and hate become viral! -

Science and technology are like double sword. It also has advantages and disadvantages are also nothing less. It is a fact that negative is more positive than positive. Three events made in the last few days are the same for the whole world. The way debt repositories are going on social media today is proving to be more risky in the future. When a stream blows, it can not be easily controlled. We are all becoming 'Webcams'. Our mentality is being attacked in the way we do not understand. What do we have to do with this? Where have I done anything? It is true, yet we are indispensable to spread fear, illusion, and hatred without knowing it. We do not know the effects of what we do in dogfood or humor. What we should do now is to think of what we should not do more than what we should do.

Brendon Terrett made Facebook live attack in New Zealand. He was shooting pills on innocent people in the form of video game games. She shot a woman who is helping the help. He also used to shoot pills on people who died. Why did he live Facebook? She wanted to show the world its cruelty. It also succeeded in it. The question is, who made him successful? We all were the same! Twenty-two million people shared their video in 24 hours of their live on Facebook. The number of viewers in YouTube might be even higher. Social media administrators are removing the video. However, it has now reached everyone's mobile. Forward all. People feel shocked and shocked, but they also see. Human psychology is that it does not remain without seeing us. Looking forward, we forward. Arar! Let us take these excuses. Just, we do not stop forwarding. Do we ever think that what I want to prove by showing someone like this? It is like understanding the viral video, it is not a passing game, it means send it.

It is my intention to share a truly true event after the happenings with Pakistan. Our pilgrim congratulations accidentally reached Pakistan. It was a video viral that killed people. One friend said that his eight-year-old son saw this video and said, "I'm going to get a machine gun and go to Pakistan to get everyone out!" How do we think this video has affected this child's mentality? What is the hatred that is spreading? Could there have been any such incidents in New Zealand's Brenton? To be a jog! There are many people in the world who do not have long intellect. It has to be viral. It can not be known well, therefore, it is the result of such events. One thing to remember is that we are people who believe in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam and Surveys. It is also our responsibility to see that the new generation does not plant hatred seeds.

There was an air crash in Ethiopia. 157 people died. After that three-four videos were viral. It was these clips that screamed the passengers of the plane. None of the videos were accidental due to the accident. Now what will happen to the people seeing this? When a common man sits in the plane, he starts to fear that something like this will happen to me? Are we spreading bigger fears?

In Syria, Islamic State terrorists released videos of people who cut pellets of scraps or pelted people in line. The fears that this video has spread over the decades will not last for years of people's brain. Social media is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, or anyone else, people are trying to explain why they do not want to do this, but there are people who keep doing all this. Terrorists and people who are scattered have to do this, because they have to spread fear, illusion and hatred of charity. They have understood the psychology of the people. When will we recognize it? We are aware of all these dangers, even though we do this. Everyone should think for a moment before forwarding anything, why am I doing this? How will this affect people's hearts and minds? Now, in the definition of cultured, matched or civilized people, it is also said that people who do not do this are good and true people. At the same time, society is being built like we are. Saw B Carrul.
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