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गुजराती व्याकरण PDF डाउनलोड

Shree Gunantbhai Shah, famous for his greatness in mother tongue, has given a very good and gentle slogan, "Mother's language comes after the mother's breast milk."
During the pregnancy, the child has a complete physical structure, as well as its mental structure. His mental structure has a lot of influence on his mother's behavior, behavior, lifestyle and the surrounding environment. Handling language, upsetting language; The human brain has the ability to understand, to learn. And, this ability has been operational since the baby was in the womb. By the time the child is two years old, the child's brain becomes very skilled in adopting the language that is falling apart. If the child does not have hearing impairment then only he can learn mother tongue. The child begins to learn mother tongue from the fetus, so it is called mother tongue. By the time the child is five years old, he learns about two thousand words of his mother tongue with its meaning and value and also experiences it. Even after studying in English medium up to standard 1 to 10, the child can not reciprocate the price and experience of many words of the English language.
In the mother tongue, the child quickly absorbs knowledge. Acceptability, understanding, and thinking power grow in the language in which a child is born. The brain is a computer. This language is the mother tongue of the most closest computer.

The language spoken at home can be the best medium of instruction. Psychologists, child psychologists and child psychologists also believe that when the language of the home and school is different, the child is confused, lost, and suffers from a minority. Sometimes they suffer from dark mental depression. Its intellectual development is also curtailed.
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