Friday, 12 July 2019

Queen Elizabeth's Birthday Celebration and Death Rehearsal

There was a time when it was said about British Raj, that the sun does not set in the British Empire. It was ruled by many countries in every continent of the world. Many countries, including our country, have seen or know the stories of the British and the British who have been involved in the occupation of different countries. Now there is no monarchy in Britain, but there is still the lofty power of the royal family. Britons do not owe anything to respect each and every member of the Queen and Royal Family. The British Queen Elizabeth went on another Sunday, that is, on April 21, 93 years old. Queen's two birthdays are celebrated. At the same time, the royal family, the British government and the people of Britain are beginning to worry about what will happen when Queen dies? Queen's death was also rehearsal for the death of Queen after all the Royal Protocol was able to overcome humankind and pride. This is the only event that has been rehearsed in the world. You might be surprised to know that the BBC also rehearsals on how to give a queen's death, so there is no breakthrough when giving real news!

Well, before talking about Queen's death, talk about her birthday. Queen's birthday is April 21, but she is celebrated on the second Saturday of June every year. There is an event 271 years ago. King George II was born on November 9, 1683. Britain's weather general is bad in November. At that time, the birthday can not be celebrated well. Is. In 1748, King George II said that, from now on, my birthday will be celebrated on the second Saturday in June, with the annual military parade. General weather is good in June. Since then, the celebration of King or Queen's birthday is on a specific day.

Queen Elizabeth is the most powerful person in the British Empire. On the occasion of his birthday, he flaunts the people in Buckingham Palace on the floor while standing in the gallery. The parade that took place on that day, 1400 Soldiers, 200 horsemen and 400 musicians participate. People stand on the banks of the road with British flags in their hands. 62 guns at the Tower of London and 21 guns are sold at Windsor's Great Park. The queen is now getting married, so everyone is concerned about their health.

The best doctors in the world are present in Queen's Degree. Everyday they are being diagnosed. Now because of age, he stopped traveling abroad and left the palace without leaving the most important work. However, they still get some special people. They also work in their duty. People are very interested in learning about the Queen and the Royal Family. Even if the royal family has a short story, the ears of the people can be seen. There is also a variety of doubts about the health of Queen, and rumors continue to fly. At one time, a BBC reporter tweeted news that Queen had died. The news was started to be retweeted. Then the BBC had to apologize. Twitter has deleted all the tweets for spinning.

Many British newspapers have also written articles about what is the protocol of their final roles if Queen dies? How will the new heir take over the throne? How many days will mourn? The British government has also called private meetings in such a way that no one is aware of it. There are also people who respect the queen in Britain, who become angry even if she talks about the death of the queen. At the end of last year, someone had predicted that the date of Queen Elizabeth's death would be on January 5, 2019. This was so much of a sigh of anger that let me go. Discussions of how predictions are true and how wrong they are. Ultimately, it was also convincingly that this prediction was a rumor. There was also a huge mixes and jokes that were moving around. Some people also calculate that what would Queen Quinn's death mean for the economy? How will people's mentality affect? What will be the condition of all the twelve days of national mourning? Who will join the Queen's final ceremony? What happens if England's cricket or football team is playing a match anymore? People are interested in some sort of gossip. Those people will talk about the death of the queen and will finally say that God! Make the Queen a hundred years old Together, God Save the Queen, God Save Our Gracious Queen, Long Live Our Noble Queen, God Save the Queen
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