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Synonyms in English PDF

Speaking languages ​​spoken in Gujarat See Gujarati 4. When did the Gujarati language begin? It is definitely not called. Graysson says he has been around for nine hundred years. The opinion of Beams is that Gujarati's existence is probably the oldest and the first in the vernaculars of India. Heavenly Harilal Dhruv says that even during the time of the Siddharaj of the Gujarati language, what was there in Vanraj times? Pandit Becharadas says that the Gujarati word was known in the times of Shri Hemchandra. E. Q. Fifth century BC Q. By the fourth century, the Greek Saka Bactrian, Parthian, Sithian, Dhaler, Hulun, Maurya and Kshatra people came to Hindustan. At that time, Prakrit was spoken in Hindustan. They mixed with the Arya people and started speaking their words. They have influenced Aryans' language. Those words which were not made on Sanskrit or Prakrut have come from the people of the country or from these people. Such as droplets, trees, pockets, bitter, kadki, chanarthi, poco, gangari, babari e. Q.
In the sixth century, Gujjars came to Gujarat via Punjab. The names of these districts of Gujarat and Gujranwala have fallen on the names of these people in Punjab. They ruled in Gujarat and Rajputana from seventh to tenth century. At that time, their cushion was Bhimmala or Siwal. They have influenced Prakrit language. Their name is called Gurjaratra from Gujarat region. Being a Gurjarata from Gurjaratra, Gujarat became the word. Soon after the Gujjars, the Parsis came. They started their own initiative and left the pajad and started speaking Gujarati. At that time no Persian words were entered in Gujarati. E. Q. In the fourteenth century, the Arabs, who were influenced by the Arabs, Afghans, Turks and Mughal people, had a lot of influence before, but their influence increased after the establishment of Muslim rule. After the introduction of Muslims, the process of learning Sanskrit from Gujarat was reduced, so instead of Sanskrit, the Persian word started entering Gujarati but those people mixed with the native. Therefore, there is no effect on the form, rhetoric or syntax inside Gujarati. Only a few Arabic, Persian and Turkish words have been found in them. Like, Arabic-wisdom, injury, vivid, noble, order, world, expense, contention, argument, nature, rumor, kismat Persian-time, land, sea, gifted, air, thousand, cheater, towel, clerk. Turkey-cannon, gun, saucer, sheeting, march, knife During the Muslim rule of the state, instead of the Gujarat name, it was named after the southern part of the country, ie south of Surat district. E. Q. Marathi was affected in the 17th century. Synonyms in English PDF for bin sachivalay clerk exam,English grammar for bin sachivalay clerk exam.That effect was especially externally. Because of the competition of Marathi and Gujarati scholars, Naai means Hajam, Nr. From above, I Arya-Ajijan-Marathi from above Chichoda, meaning 'Ammelia' From Chinchasa-Marathi Chinchu to Gujrati etc. entered. Presently, Marathi words are entered into Gujarat due to Southern Brahmin and Maratha jobs, such as information, endowment, caste, chitinis, raga, means stone, survey, chambu, generation, page means page, diagnosis means least, negotiation, movement effect But somewhere seen somewhere. For example, the vocal, lane, knob, neck, which are used by Gillidanda, is used in the words of Kandi and its meaning is one, two, three, four. Dakor, Abu, Dwarka, Somnath etc are due to Jatra in Gujarat, due to the cohabitation of the Hindi pilgrims with Gujarat, Hindi words have also entered Gujarati due to the habitation of some Hindi monks. For example, in the business of business, for people in business, for business or for business, e-mail, office, chawl, good, swan, pillow, vaccine, patch, Q. The 15th century came to an end. Due to its companions Portuguese words were also entered.
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