Friday, 30 August 2019

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He is the creator of a long written constitution for the republican system of governance after independence. The backbone of the Constituent Assembly Dr. The democratic system of India in today's world is praised because of the fundamental rights given to the citizens of the country by the legal system of Ambedkar. Today is the birthday of Shamsad Begum, the late singer of Hindi film.

Yesterday the Afghan IS The United States made the biggest attack and targeted the terrorist organization's tonsils and dropped its largest anti-terrorist intentions by throwing the largest ammunition bomb weighing ten thousand kilograms. Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai criticized Trump for calling the campaign a success. The bomb dropped by the US is also called the 'Mother of the Bomb'. The way Trump is hitting terrorist organizations without worrying about the world is controversial and unprecedented. Should not India also do something similar to tackle Pak terrorists?

Pakistan's nephew has risen to such an extent that it does not even reveal where the Indian citizen Kulbhushan Jadhav is and in what state he is, and as he has been confessing to India's foreign department, India must now take a definite step. Home Minister Rajnath Singh has reiterated that India can go to any extent to bring justice to Kulbhushan. The literal bombs of such advertisements do not appear to have been considered by the Naxalite Pakistani factors. India will now have to take a decisive step. Now, like Trump, India must show its strength.
When India was liberated, it would probably not be supported by the constitution-makers, otherwise it would be supported by the nephew of Pakistan and some of India's secret traitors. Strict action measures for pro-traitors would have been made in the original constitution. Today Dr. With Ambedkar's birth anniversary, there is a need for constitutional amendments to speed up and tighten laws to tackle the country's enemies, which is also a coincidence.

The Constitution of India has not been drafted overnight. A report was prepared by Pandit Motilal Nehru, after which the movement for the constitution of India began. The Constitution was formed after the 'August Offer' of the Year 3 and the Cabinet Mission Plan of the Year. Congress won a majority in the elections to the Constituent Assembly, but the Muslim League, which boycotted the Constituent Assembly, decided to form two Constituent Assemblys, and the Indo-Pak Constitution had its roots. Six members of India's divided Constituent Assembly joined the Pakistani Constitution, while four Muslim delegates stayed with India. In India, the Muslim League then joined the interim government. President of the Constituent Assembly Dr. Rajendra Prasad gave the opportunity. After the historic lecture by Ambedkar, the process of framing the constitution was accelerated.

Dr. According to Ambedkar's suggestion, the Constituent Assembly formed four committees, including Dr Drafting Committee President. Ambedkar Varsha Tal. Didn't happen on August 4. The committee comprises Kanai Lal Munshi, Aladi Krishnaswamy Aiyar, Syed Mohammad Abdullah, Nr. Gopalaswamy Iyengar, D.P. Khaitan and B.L. There were giants like Chitra. At that time, India had gained independence, and in the first cabinet, the responsibility of drafting the constitution, in addition to the law minister. It was on Ambedkar that Dr. Ambedkar had worked hard. Dr. in the Constituent Assembly. Ambedkar Tal. Rupe November 7 Dr. Ambedkar was praised, and the President was then handed over to the Indian Constitution.

The Constitution also provided for constitutional amendments to ensure that the Indian Constitution is not rigid and compact, so many amendments have been made to the Constitution since independence. Some of these constitutional reforms have also been in great controversy
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