Friday, 30 August 2019

current affairs 18 to 24 August 2019

The number of competitive exam candidates in Gujarat is increasing steadily. Gujarat's youth class is no longer afraid to give competitive exams. Hence a large number of candidates sit in various competitive exams. However, due to lack of proper guidance, the number of non-achiever successes is also higher. They are guided by how to prepare them Out of which, one such competitive examination oriented orientation program has been organized at the Dang Darbar Hall in Ahwan, at 11.00 am on April 10. Jamnagar | Nandin organized special free classes every Thursday from 8-15 in the morning, or 5.00 in the evening on Thursday, ie from 20.00 to 22nd and 22nd, to guide the students of the city and surrounding areas for the preparation of Unsecurity Clerk and PSI Examination. The place is located near ND Crete-Holler House, Dr. Swaminarayan Nagar, Jamnagar has been organized in front of Headgavar Bhavan.
 Most people take children very lightly. We sometimes take a lot of lamb while nudge on the baby. Experts who have studied eloquently about children's behaviors say that the person has to keep the highest maturity while dealing with a child. If someone thinks that children do not know anything, then there is no other fool like that. The child has a lot of understanding. Yes, young children can not express, but they have all the knowledge. In the United States, an international seminar was organized now for parenting. One important point in this seminar was the mentality of the children about the outcome of lying and the children being wrong.

Do you want your child not to speak wrong? First of all, think of what you have said against your child? The whole world knows that children learn everything by seeing parents and family. The other thing is that, children also understand what my parents are like! You believe that if you tell a child wrongly, then you are eating sugar if you do not know it. A study conducted in Britain says that a two and a half year old child also learns that my mother or father speaks wrongly. Not only with the child, even if you are lying to someone else, the child also gets to know. When you say something wrong, do you think that your child listens to everything? Man speaks on the most wrong mobile now. I'm not at home I'm in the meeting. When we reach home, we look at cricket matches or series and say that I am in work, then talk calmly. The child immediately understands that the parent speaks wrong. In many cases, you have also seen that the child said that, why do you speak wrong? Many times we talk about children that children have no confidence, no matter how much our pole will be! Yes, this is true, but have you ever thought of why a child is doing this? Its biggest reason is that it is true. He speaks right. Not only do we speak the wrong way to the child but we are also aware that if we are doing any kind of bullying or dishonesty. It also binds opinions about you. If we are older, then he will not speak anything, but the rest of the face also tells you that you are wrong. Sometimes the child seems to believe that it is wrong to speak. If you tell the wrong person about the child, be prepared to say that he will start talking wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with that in him.
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