Monday, 26 August 2019

Does our name have any effect on our lives?

Peanut brass pan, foi provided the name 'Falana'. When we are six days old, the family gathers and gives us our name. At that time we have no clutter. However small we are, and when someone calls us in our name, we immediately turn our heads. We have no hand in our name. We get a name that remains with us throughout our lives. Our name is our identity. Ask you a question: Do you like your name? 

So what would you answer? Believe it or not, and if you have it in your hand, what would you name it? As soon as we hear some names we immediately have an idea in mind. What is different is that one wonders when it goes wrong. Suppose someone's name is brave and is a bit timid? Thus the law gives us the opportunity to change our name, but how many have changed their name? Very few people change their name all the time. Instead, it's not because I don't like my name, because it's something else. In most cases, the name is corrected by affidavit if there is any error in the name.

When it comes to name names, Shakespeare does not go unnoticed! Shakespeare said, "What is his in a name?" What is burning in the name? If we call a rose another name, that is not going to change its aroma. Even if Shakespeare said it, think for two moments what it would feel like if we were to call a rose a crocodile. As soon as we have the name Rose, an image is created immediately in our mind. Some names are weighty, so having a name implies a calamity. What do you think makes a name change? Do you believe that a name is a virtue? Believe it or not, a research conducted by Northwestern University in the United States concludes that our name has a profound impact on us. David Figlio, director of the University's Institute for Research, conducted various studies on the effects of the name.

David Figlio studied African and American names. People with some names were rich and poor with some names! After a long study about this, he said that the name affects the economic condition. Names are also related to work, business or job. David prepared a few biodata. He sent the Boydata to a different company for a job. Some names received more interview calls from companies, some less. When you send your biodata to someone, readers are bound to form certain opinions just by reading your name. 

This talk expresses the influence of the name. Another research was done on siblings. Names of siblings were chosen, in which one was dominant and the other had no special name. The study also found that those whose names did not have any special effects were illiterate. He was brilliant in a study with a dominant name. We never think or study the names of the students who are ranchers, if anything works on it, we know how true or false the name is. We often find that boyish names are naughty. So we are also saying that these names are naughty! Just to be calm, to name a few. However, there are exceptions to this. Sometimes we say that the name is just enough, its writing is very different.
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