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Field work after monsoon sowing

Farmers, you may have planted early sowing crops like sesame, groundnut, maize, millet, sorghum etc. in the monsoon and this crop is now 3 to 4 weeks old. Along with this you will also be preparing for sowing of late sowing crops like paddy, divala, guar etc.
The biggest question that plays in the monsoon crops is the weeds, which are very common this season. Pulling down nutrients from the weeds weakens the crop as well as protects many germs. In this season it is very important to prevent weeding and to keep the herd clean. Dispose of water if the field is waterlogged.
We now know what to do in different crops at this time
  • Sesame

Transplanting of the crop for 10-12 days and keeping one healthy plant at one place, as well as emptying so as to maintain sufficient number of plants in the field. Provide adequate fertilizer (urea) when the crop is 4-6 weeks old.
  • Peanuts

40-45 days after the start of rotation or hand weeding to keep the crop free of weeds. If the seeds are given to the seeds before sowing, the germ disease is reduced, otherwise the root and weak plants are more abundant. If this occurs, remove weak and diseased plants and destroy them. If the groundnut is planted in advance, it is best to plant the flower and needle in the crop, then scrub the soil around the plant so that the needle sits well in the soil.

  • Corn

Transplanting of the crop for 10-15 days and keeping healthy plants at one place and emptying well. Keep the crop free of weeds for 30 days and then give the first installment of urea fertilizer.
  • Tide

Transplant and destroy weak and diseased plants. After the crop is done 10-15 days, add 3-4 saplings of endosulfan medicine to the plant so that the yolks are removed. When the crop is 20-15 days, sow urea for fertilizer. Keep the crop free of weeds for up to 30 days.
  • Millet

Transplant the crop when it is 10-12 days and at one place keep the healthy plants at one place and remove the extra plants. Up to 30 days of crab or nodding hands. Give the first installment of sufficient fertilizer (urea) when the crop is 20-25 days and the second installment is full.
  • Paddy

If the seedlings are ready for transplanting in the nursery, prepare for transplanting paddy in the field. Water well on the farm for that. Before planting, cut the top of the bow and place the seedlings in a straight line at a suitable distance. To prevent weeding, use a drug called Bootchlor in water.
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