Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Rupee note, mobile, ATM card is harmful to health! -

This is a true event made with a young man. He had frequent throat infections. He had to go to the nose, ears, throat specialist twice or thrice a month. Even the doctor did not understand why he had such a problem. Once he was gone for a treatment, the doctor asked him, what do you do? The young man said, "I am a cashier in the bank. After a few talks, the doctor often found out why he was ill. The young man was counting the money and giving it to the people. In time, he would wipe his nose with his finger and rub his eyes. The doctor said, do you know how many jarms are in the rupee note? How many hands are in the note that comes to you? Not all hands are clean. People exchange rupees in any hand.

This is what the cashier says, we are also taking notes of rupees sometimes in the day. The rupee notes are in our purses. What do we have to do? What can we do to make a rupee note dirty? Gloves don't wear anything when making a cash transaction? Believe it or not, rechers will find that the socks we wear in our hands are not even clean! The dirty note needs to be considered, says Jane Carlton, of the Center for Genomics and System Biology at New York University, USA. The 'Dirty Money Project' was undertaken in the US, a similar survey was done in our country. After scanning the rupee note, it was discovered that the note contained a quantity of bacterial bacteria, which is enough to make a person sick. This applies to all countries of the world, not just India or America. Because in all countries the currency is the same as Olmost paper.

Now a lot of transactions happen online. Plastic money spikes have increased. The thing is, plastic money is not even a safe Hundred percent! Our debit or credit card also has pesticides. Insects were also recovered from the keyboards of the ATM machine. In modern times, mobiles, laptops or even computers have become a part of everyday life. Now, laptop and computer keyboards are dirty. When it comes to mobile, it is dirty! How do you feel if someone tells you, if you move with dustbin in the form of a mobile? But this is also true. Have you ever wondered what kind of mobile you stand on all day long? Think, you must know that the thing is true. Experts refuse to use mobile at meal time. One of the reasons is to be careful while eating. Often we have no idea what we eat or how much we eat if we have a meditation on mobile. More importantly, when taking a mobile hand while eating, we have a lot of germs in our hands, then when we fill in the blanket, it goes into the stomach. Bacteria are present in many things, including a television remote, a switch board of lights. It is also said that when we go to the restroom, we wash hands, wash our hands and then close the tap. What is it like to shut the tap? How many people have washed their hands before you in a public place? It's nothing less dirty!

Now, after reading all this and that happens, then what to do? If we think so, then the question is, where are the germs? If we do research, insects can be found everywhere. On the one hand, it is heard that nature has given birth to certain powers. Where do animals and animals wash their hands or beak? Science has frightened man. On the other hand, it can also be said that if man knew all this, then we could extend the years of life. Again, the question or what to do next? The answer is, you can't remove bacteria from everywhere. Be careful not to put your hands in the nose, ears or mouth after touching anywhere. Washing hands while eating and drinking.
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