Thursday, 29 August 2019

Sleeping Incentive

Read a Jock A camp was organized to check the health of the employees at a company. All the employees had different tests. There were only two employees in the company who had no diabetes, blood pressure, hypertension or any other illness. After the camp was over, both of them were given a notice to be fired! How can you stay normal despite such pressure at work? You're perfectly healthy, meaning you don't care at work! Well, this is a joke. How many companies are there in our country that care about the health of the employees? It is not advisable to just take the Mediclaim or give it enough medical leave. What is the stress level of the employees? Do the employees get enough sleep? Can employees give time to their family or not? Does anyone worry about that? Aetna Insurance Company of America launches a scheme for its employees. An employee who regularly gets seven to eight hours of sleep will be paid a salary increase of up to 15,000! In order for employees to work well, they need to get enough sleep. One survey says that the country's GDP is reduced by two percent, in a country where people do not get enough sleep! For the development of the country, it is important that people get enough sleep.

How many hours of sleep do the students in our country get? We rarely do any such survey or research there. Life and life style are not taken as seriously as we should be. In a survey conducted in the US recently, it turns out that students do not get enough sleep for eight hours. This affects his health. Students cannot concentrate. This conclusion was later announced by the Baylor University of America as a 'Sleeping Incentive' for students. Students who get eight hours of sleep will add a few marks to the final Exam results! How do you know when a student sleeps? For this, the students were given a sleep monitoring device. It was arranged that the students' sleep data be uploaded directly to the university system. Professor Michael Scullin, a university professor, said the survey revealed that only ten percent of students get eight hours of sleep. Now after this plan we feel that 80% of the students will get enough sleep. In America's schools and colleges there are incidents of abusive abuse by a student. One expert has expressed the opinion that why students do so should be studied. We see many students commit suicide in the pressure of study. How many surveys are done about it? What steps can be taken to prevent this from happening after the survey?

Students work hard to take more marks. Many students stay awake all night reading. Working hard is a good thing but it is also necessary to get enough sleep. Memory and sleep are directly related. Create an all-day time table to maintain concentration and reserve eight hours of sleep in it. Psychologists advise that children get into the habit of sleeping for eight hours, since they are small. The pity we have there is that even young children have so much pressure on school, tuition, extra curriculum activities and homework that they can't even enjoy their childhood.

Not just children, individuals of all ages should focus on their sleep. Questions remain about how much sleep really should be taken. We hear that the great man was only sleeping for four hours. It is also said about Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he only sleeps four and a half hours. Sleep is also said to depend on individual mentality and physical ability. Everyone should set their own sleep hours. Eight hours of sleep is considered appropriate. We should also look at how much sleep comes along. It doesn't matter if you lie in bed for ten hours and don't get deep sleep for two hours. The one that is advised applies to all to this day. Avoid the use of mobiles and gadgets. In particular, stay away from mobile for an hour before bedtime at night. Do you get enough time to sleep? If you do not find it, be aware of it now. Success is definitely needed but not at the expense of health. If that is the case then it is not far off time for those who are getting good and adequate sleep will be lucky!
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