Friday, 30 August 2019

Some homes are like a powerhouse, where energy is available

Our nature is revealed by who we are with. There is a saying among us that such a color. If the body is strong and strong then the sensations are alive. One philosopher has said nice things that if you want to know what a man is like, examine who his friends are. Our circle is the same as we would like it to be. Understanding who to stay close to, who to stay away from, and to whom to maintain safe distance enables us to exist. Some people are like a source of inspiration. When we meet him, something is added to us. They are filled with lightness, enthusiasm, energy and intimacy. Thirst is quenched only if there is water in the lake. From the dry pond, only the sediment is available. Some people are like the sea. Absolutely huge. However, we cannot swallow a drop of water. We do not learn or understand anything from such people. Some people are sitting at the altar, that is to quench your thirst. We have to decide what kind of people we want to be with.

There are also some homes from which the waterfall of energy flows. Whose house do you like to go to? Which house do you think has some 'richness' in it? This is a story of a girl. He was successful in his life. A lot of hard work, effort and enthusiasm ensued. Once in a program he was asked what is the secret to your success? The girl said that when I was young, an uncle and aunt lived in the neighborhood. Live and lively. They both talked to me. Telling me the story of great men. Than my care. Encouraging me to move on. Often, when I was depressed, he used to teach me life lessons. What has come to me has come from them. At that time, I did not know what effect it had on me! As I got older, I realized that I was getting energy from a home like a powerhouse.

Once I succeeded, I admired Uncle-Aunty and said, "You have a huge contribution to what I am today. Upon hearing this, Uncle said, "Son, we are staying with all the boys who come to our house." Embrace what you like You are truly the officer of congratulations. At that time I also realized that we should also have an understanding of where to adopt. When going to sugarcane, we should know that I am going for sugarcane juice, not for squeezing sugarcane. In our life some people have influence and some people have side effects. There are many reasons for lack. If we do not try to satisfy what we lack, the deficiency is twofold. Avoid a person who feels like this has filled the negatives with coughing.

It is wise to trust in whom and not to whom to trust. Sometimes we even know that man's nature and activity are not good. Yet we live close to it. We also wonder, where does that bother me? It will be bad for the world but good for me, isn't it? What is not good for the world can be bad for us at any time. Why not just have a relationship with a good man than to have a relationship with such a man? Some people may not do any good, but they will not do any harm.

There are variations in warmth and temperature. The same is true with winter. In the summer, it gives the temperature. The nature of some individuals is warm. They work in the winter to provide warmth and warmth in the summer. If a person does not recognize them, then we have a point. As one Madari said, some snakes are poisonous and some are poisonous. We like to keep non-venomous snakes together. Even if you take out the poison of a poisonous snake, they don't stop bite. Do not trust when a certain snake has poisoned it again and again. The funny thing is that the poison of snakes is poisonous. You can remove poison, not change the nature of the snake. Some people are not going to be worthy or not worth it. These people are not sitting on the sidewalk, they are sitting quietly, the opportunity is released as soon as they get a chance. You need to be able to identify the man himself. Some men are just as decent. Even in the worst case scenario, be good. The color of some fabrics may disappear, but if you wear them, you will be treated as such. If the paint is not faded, but what are the fabrics that are sticking out from all fours?

There is no shortage of good men in the world. We should just try to find it. There is so much to discover when it comes to finding the good man and getting to know the bad guy. The roses are the same as having a thorn. Have you seen roses? Look! It has more number of thorns than roses. So is the world. We need to be selective. Every human being has a nature. We should be aware of the fact that sacraments or misdeeds do not come with labels. If we do not leave the company of some individuals, we will have fun with it. That fun sometimes becomes a punishment.

The goodness of a good man is cool. The minimalist tree gives shade only. The coconut is high, but its shade doesn't work. We are thinking about the whole world. Trying to identify all of them. We also sometimes have to think, how am I? Is there anything in me that makes people want something from me? Are You Inspiring Someone? A man who knows himself can understand the world. How am i What i want to do Do i like No one can stop being ashamed of those who are not ashamed of themselves. The atmosphere around us is created just like we are.

Man cannot change anyone. However, the choice of essence can certainly do. We can
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