Monday, 26 August 2019

'The Complete Man': A Son Fears Father's Autobiography! -

Raymond has the tagline, 'The Complete Man'. The biography of Raymond founder Vijayapath Singhania is named after 'The Complete Man'. Even before this autobiography was published, a petition was made to the court that the autobiography should not be published! It may have sounded outrageous! 

The whole country was shocked when news came out that Vijayapat Singhania had been expelled from his home by his son Gautam Singhania in Jhajjalali. 79-year-old Vijayapat Singhania, who lives in the elegant bungalow and whose companion was lying in the footsteps, lives in a rented house today. 

Vijayapat, a hobby enthusiast of flying his own private jet, did not let his son stay in the car. In February 2015, Vijayapat Singhania had his own Raymond stack in the name of son Gautam. The share that was transferred to the son was valued at over one thousand crore.

'Love your offspring but not with your eyes closed', Vijayapat Singhania has repeatedly said in public. Vijayapat's video clip is circulating on social media. This clip is widely viewed on YouTube. Vijayapat Singhania has demanded a duplicate flat of his share in his housekeeper Jake House by filing a case against his son Gautam. That said, when the JK house was built, I was determined to give a duplex.

 Vijayapath Singhania's life style was to entice the world's wealthy. Thereafter, there was a profound turn in his life and he lost Rs. How much of a house dispute has reached the court courtyard? Gautam Singhania fears that if the father writes all the details in his autobiography, he will go away and Raymond brand will be affected. The court has rejected the ruling on the autobiography. The Constitution of our country has a fundamental right to express one's views. You cannot stop anyone from presenting their thoughts. Vijayapath Singhania's success story is Kabiladad. The way he built and led the company is inspiring to any industrialist. However, in the case of the Vijayapat Singhania family, there was a loss or they were fed.

Vijayapath Singhania has declared his truth and will tell in the autobiography that he is left. There is no reason to believe that all the talk will be of Gautam Singhania. It will also have its own truth. It is also interesting to know what Gautam Singhania spoke about his father's case. He said that things that do not change over time are found in ash. The tree, such as a root, is either demolished or cut down. My responsibility to my shareholders as head of a company and to my father as a son are different. I made every effort to fulfill my responsibilities as a son, but my father was stubborn. 

I have put Raymond Company at a level that has no problem for 20-25 years. Whatever the origin of the family dispute is, the fact is that Gautam Singhania has not let the Raymond brand diminish; This may have been a downside to his father's responsibility. Thus, such matters should not be judicial. What is often seen or discussed is not true at all.
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