Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Best Teacher award File -5 September

The award for Best Teacher of the State is given by the State Government on the occasion of September 'Teacher's Day', while the Department of Education has made significant changes to the existing criteria for selection as 'Best Teacher' in the state. The Department of Education has made some important changes with the noble intention of the teachers of the state government, non-government aided primary, secondary, higher secondary schools to increase their work force and passion. According to this change, the teacher himself can propose to select the best teacher besides the persons of the society, parents, school students, principals, school administrators, union representatives, other school staff, CRC, BRC, education. Inspector, Education Inspector, District Education Officer, District Primary Education Officer, Principal of the Training Building, as well as his / her teachers etc. Citing reasons for the supported disk will be able to recommend the best teacher of teachers. Thus, the education department has shown a new approach in the process of selecting the best teacher.

The award for the best teacher in the process of appointing the best teacher is currently given in the district, district and state level considering the experience of 5 years. The education department has also made significant changes. Under this change, a teacher with five years at the taluka level, 6 years at the district level and 5 years at the state level may be eligible to receive the award for best teacher.

Another important change has been made with the latest approach in measuring the best teacher selection process. Accordingly, teachers of the state government, non-governmental, aided primary schools who do not participate in the teachers, taluka, district and state awards but who are active in excellent academic work, school co-curricular activities, innovative experiments, social contribution etc. are 'talented'. Teacher 'certification will be given. Thus, every year an estimated 5 to 5 teachers will be awarded as talented teachers.

The talented teacher certification will be selected for every cluster of the state and seventy-two / head teacher in the state and such selected teacher will be given such a certificate once during his term of service.

On the basis of these important changes made by the Department of Education in the selection criteria as the best teacher, Agami Pami will be honored with the Best Teacher Award on September 2, 2014 by selecting teachers from Taluka, district and state for the Best Teacher Award on the next Teacher's Day.
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