Wednesday, 4 September 2019

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World peace through child custody? I have no doubt about this, but
I have no doubt about it. Children are very effective. They learn from experience If they are loved in childhood, they learn love. If they experience violence in childhood, they learn violence. The child gets back to the society by the time he or she is born. As a child, childhood becomes a tree of love or violence that inspires or hurts society. Let us take the example of Gandhiji. Servant Rambha learned Ramanam in childhood, which lasted until his last breath. Applied fasting learned from hard-working mothers in the freedom movement. King Harishchandra's film, which he saw in childhood, made him a priest of truth. As a result, even after stealing the gold from the bracelet, he confesses to his father. Fathers do not speak very well. Only the tear drops from the eye. From this, Bhinjai Mohandas learns the lessons of non-violence, as a result, Ardha fights against the great British Raj with a weapon of non-violence. And introduces the world to the power of non-violence. Gandhiji had no alternatives to truth and non-violence. Because childhood is not easy to learn.
What is true for Gandhiji is true for all of us. Everything that we are today is rooted in childhood. When a child slaps my TV, the child learns that violence can be justified. Communal riots, violence seen in various forms in society, war and terrorism are a widespread form of violence against children in our homes and schools. Children are victims of violence and our society is not free of violence.
Child trafficking is one of the areas in which every person who is considered normal can contribute in his or her own way to the fight against violence and terrorism. Let's talk about the causes of child violence and the dire consequences that are falling on today's society. Let's talk about what we can do in the fight against violence prevailing in society, including terrorism all together. Remember that almost every one of us may have been a victim of violence in childhood and yet almost every one of us, with our children, is dealing with gross-violence.
Training is necessary for us to be a pilot there. But to be a parent does not seem to require any training. We believe that children are naive. They have to be disciplined, they evolve, they have to work hard to get ahead in life. There is no doubt that bitter medicine has to be given by parents only. But it does not require micro-grossing violence. Parents need to be prepared to stand up for the welfare of the child. Violence will not be needed if it is to be implemented.
Children are vulnerable to violence as children become vulnerable. They are not physically and mentally capable of dealing with violence. That is why we do not kill an adult for the same mistake, the child gets fenugreek for the same mistake. That is why violence in schools is resorted to for discipline, but it is not done in colleges. Children are the soft target for alleviating our worries, stress, problems, problems and difficulties. A mother who is distraught with a father or husband who is tired of being in the office can squeeze a child.
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