Tuesday, 10 September 2019

PSE Exam Old paper Download

PSE for standard - 6 taken by State Examination Board, Gandhinagar. Download useful old paper for children who want to take the secondary scholarship exam. In the preliminary examination conducted by the State Examination Board, the student of Navyug Group of Education has played the sting throughout Morbi district.Kaila Rakshit Shaktibhai, a student studying in Std. 1 in the new age complex Veerapar, has increased the pride of the Nayyug family and the entire Morbi district by passing the entire Morbi district first in the Primary Scholarship Examination 2 held by the State Examination Board, which is the foundation's achievement. Congratulations. 
Paper Download PDF 
The children of light-skinned Takshashila Vidyalaya participated in the Primary Scholarship Exa, held by Gujarat State Examination Board Gandhinagar. In which the school's Solanki Kush Arvindbhai, Patel Krish Mukeshbhai, Jadav Shubham Nareshbhai passed and honored the school by MDMheshbhai Patel and the school family were honored.

Sweetie Kumari Dineshbhai Patel, a student studying in the top 5 of the Upper Primary School of Surat-administered Mahuva taluka of District Primary Panchayat Education Committee, secured the best score in the Primary Scholarship Examination (PSE) conducted by the Gujarat State Examination Board, Gujarat. And got the first rank in Mahuva taluka. The school cell is happy and proud of this brilliant achievement. Gulabhai Patel, Class Principal, Gitaben Patel, and the Principal of the school and SMC family and villagers have been congratulated.
useful for those who prepare for the exam. The first language and second language textbook have been given. Candidates who have been examining the subject of Gujarati language will be very useful.

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