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Social science notes

The word social is a Sanskrit word. Which is used in the form of: a group, meeting, committee, force, group, organization, resident of the place as well as a group of like-minded people, for a specific purpose or function and a meeting created or created by individuals. But sociologists do find differences in definitions of society. In sociological terms, the coordination or cohesion of individuals is not known by the word social. There should be some kind of social connection between such persons for the society. It means that society is considered to be the system of social relations in which and through which we live.
The spirit of symbiosis, security, cooperation, mutual happiness and sharing of social sufferings may have laid the foundations for social difference.
The lives of the previous humans were simple and simple. Man was able to survive at a low cost. Greed and temptation of luxury were not as strong as they are today. Exemplary values ​​such as restraint, policy, cooperation, humanity, renunciation, dedication did not allow man to break even at the risk of life. Man had faith in the spirit and relations of the relationship, so he would be willing to go through it even with endurance. Ideal in one way or another in the life of a forgiving person. In festivals, festivals, customs, weddings, etc., people of the society participated without distinction.

 After giving a farewell to the life in his village, he was honorably honored and later celebrated. The generosity of the heart and the warmth of the nausea are seen. Charity, charity, goodwill, tolerance, empathy etc. are considered as the charms of social life. Swami Pooranandaji, while defining the society, has rightly said that the society is a Samaj Ajanti jan: asmin iti - meaning a society in which people come together, at one speed, in a unified way. It can be called social welfare, to awaken the noble qualities of a man without giving importance to conflict and controversy. The less the authority in the social life and the higher the sense of duty, the more likely it is to socialize, because human beings are by nature a cooperative social animal. Loneliness makes it unbearable.
Because of such sublime sentiment, the importance of living with all, not in the slightest, but in the past. As water is added to the flour, the dough becomes bonded and the bread becomes bread or bread to serve the cause of human emergence. In earlier times, unity and cooperation were given priority in social life. Even when it seemed a little unfair to him, the Punch would have given him the importance of being a God-fearing man who would not break social unity. In the 'House', Shardababu said a nice thing: I do not deny that which is. I have faith in society. Humans I adore. I think worshiping a human is the very essence of human birth. When I was born into a Hindu family, it was also my duty to protect the Hindu society.
In the social life, when the low things like inertia, loneliness, selfishness, narcissism, greed, ego, intolerance, vengeance etc. are given priority, social life begins to corrupt. Purification should be of paramount importance, not just growth in social life. Impurity causes evil for social life. That is why the society should abandon what is worthless and take up new things through understanding and testing. If society gets stuck in vain idealism, opportunities, favoritism, bitterness and narrowness, the aroma of socialism is lost. Pt. Thousands of people have rightly said that the form of society we have today, we do not know how many eclipses and forms of acceptance.

Casteism is taking over the social life of today. It is essential for caste people to think of the upliftment of their society, social reforms or social welfare, but it is detrimental to social life only if my caste or my sense of community can create a sense of contagion within the people and neglect the larger society. Every caste is a bead of the worship of the society, and when all the beads are different, they can be used as a means of chanting, naming or worshiping. It is not only the people of the caste that become one of their caste, carry on the welfare schemes of the people, but also realize that if the spirit of justice, policy and public welfare or national welfare is disrupted or left, the social life and the country will be harmed. Is. This is my own and this extraordinary calculation indicates mental inferiority. For example, the whole earth family is similar to those of the character.

If life becomes sterile then it becomes worthless. In order to keep the flow of social life pure, it is desirable to embrace abandoned innovation and freshness. It cannot be said that today's society is like sand, but for various reasons in social life, selfishness, arrogance, etc. have certainly laid down their destructive base. Due to unbearable inflation, economic helplessness, poverty, intolerance etc., there are many trends in social life. In today's social life, the pursuit of material happiness and the desire to satisfy it is increasing, the appetite for service secondary and authority and empowerment has increased. In the name of religion, there is an increase in wealth. Religion has played a significant role in the dissemination of humanity, not finding the right social workers, education has become ineffective in the lives of students. Leadership is self-centered, it is natural for a man to give the opposite effect to philanthropy, fraternity, renunciation, cooperation, selflessness, the spirit of social welfare etc., while giving intelligence to his life as a whole and secondary to the depths of the heart. Not just the money, the heart
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