Thursday, 5 September 2019

Teachers na Online Pagar Mate Website List

The rule of online attendance of students and teachers from the Board of Education has been implemented with the commencement of new academic session across the state. However, many schools are seeing confusion over attendance. The District Education Officer has issued notice to the principals of 20 schools in Ahmedabad for adhering to the rules, saying that teachers' presence in schools in Ahmedabad city was not enough. About 400 teachers in the state are not attending online. It seems as if schools have drunk the rule of providing online attendance.
New semester rule was introduced by the government to provide online attendance to the schools of the state since the new semester was imposed on schools that were haunting students. However, 20 days after the start of the semester, many schools have noticed that online attendance is not enrolled. The District Superintendent has made a list of schools in which the presence of teachers and students is not being filled online. Recently, the principal of 20 such schools in Ahmedabad city has been urged to fill online presence. It has come to the notice of the system that around 400 teachers across the state do not attend online. 
Teachers are saying that there is a deficiency in the party's website presence. Complaints have been made by school principals that the website hangs frequently, and that attendance does not load sufficiently. After giving admission to the students in some schools, their names have not yet been uploaded to the website, which is why the online presence has not been fulfilled due to the schools.
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