Friday, 25 October 2019

2389 vacant conductor vacancies by ST Corporation Recruitment

Gujarat ST In 2389 a new recruit of conductor Three vacant conductor vacancies are currently being filled at ST Depot across the state. As such, candidates are rushing to the RTO office to lift the base of the conductor. About 5 applicants are coming in every day to raise the base of the conductor in the RTO office. 
                There has been an increase in the number of drivers and conductors not being recruited at ST Depot in the state. Due to driver and conductor vacancies, it has a direct impact on the travel of ST buses running daily. To tackle the problem of driver and conductor shortage at ST Depot, Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation has taken up the recruitment process for driver and conductor. After conducting the recruitment of three thousand vacancies of the driver, there are currently six conductor vacancies being filled. Under which the eligible candidates are being asked to submit online forms by the 5th, March. 
There is a rush of candidates filling the online form for conductor jobs. Candidate should have a compulsory base for recruitment of conductor through ST Corporation. As the candidates have to remove this base from the RTO office, there is currently a rush of candidates for lifting the conductor base in the RTO office. It may be mentioned that the candidate's online form is not accepted without conductor base number. Following the recruitment of the conductor, about 5 candidates are applying to the RTO office every day to lift the base of the conductor. 
                     All candidate certificates are inspected for the conductor base. Besides, the candidate is removed from the RTO office after verification of whether he has a medical certificate or has received a medical certificate in the primary treatment. Launching of inter-state bus operation through the Road Transport Corporation, announcing the appointment letters to the 4 conductor youth joining the corporation. The corporation's official e-booking site as well as mobile booking application will get a discount of 5 to 6 percent on ticket booking. In this regard, he said, the premium bus and AC. And there will be a discount of 5 percent on Volvo bus bookings and 5 percent on non-premium bus Gurjar Nagari Express or plain sleeper bus fares. The Chief Minister termed this as an important step towards the implementation of the Prime Minister's Digital India Convention. The digital payment transaction will accelerate as a result, he added. The Chief Minister inspired the nine designated conductors to take the reputation of ST in the public psyche by their conduct. 

In this regard, Shri Vijaybhai Rupani said that the service of ST is a public service which has a direct relation with the people and reflects the reputation and impression of the government by flying the bus service. He said that more than 1 lakh youths have been given employment opportunities on the basis of transparency and honesty in the services of the state government and more than 1.5 lakh applications for recruitment of this conductor have been selected by recruitment on a transparent basis of excellence, manhood and skill. As a result of this recruitment, now the State ST. Filling all the spaces in the corporation's driver conductor set up will no longer be a factor. This recruitment process, transparently and honestly, has come a long way since ST. This has become the norm in the corporation. 

The Chief Minister also called upon the district drivers in the state to give the name of construction of bus ports to the drivers of ST Nigam and to directors like Krishna. Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has indicated the departure of three premium buses for inter-state bus services including Varanasi, Goa, Nathdwara, Haridwar, Goa and Uttarakhand, Haryana.
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