Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Current Affairs Date 1 to 20 October 2019 - Useful for all exams

Early in the morning at Premdarwaja near Gujarat Ginning Mill, a one-year-old boy reads a book and sells milk bags and is naturally surprised. In fact, this 3-year-old Anish is supporting his parents at work so that his studies do not stop from a normal family and the family gets some help. There are many young people like Anish who are from a very normal family who have to do both job and study.Now the days of computation of the board examinations of standard 1 and 2 of the year 3 are left. Now all the students have started to complete syllabus one by one day and night but today we are talking about students who live with ten members in a dilapidated house and because the house is not good, they work with study and also help parents in business. To have Such students work hard to reach their goals and take the board exam and get the desired result.

In preparation for the exam, I will help my father in the business of making bread by making 3 loaves in 5 to 6 hours.
I live in Thakorwas in Paldi village. This year I am still counting down the days of examinations of the Board of Directors to help with housework. For the preparation of the exam, I will spend 3-5 hours. Nevertheless, with my studies on the day, I help my father make bread in the lari business. I help my mom make more than 3 loaves of bread, giving her 3 to 6 hours a day. I will write all the papers with confidence in the board exams and pass on the good marks and fulfill my wish for my mom and dad.- Dimple Thakor, Dhule-1

After passing along the good marks I will illuminate the name of the mother

I live with my mom in the love door area. I have been working in classes for over 3 hours a day for the last three years. I have prepared well for the board exam in a few days so that I can pass the board with good marks. Being responsible for the home is a must, as well as studying to make a career is just as important. I am currently studying in 5 commerce. In standard I also passed the job marks with good marks. - Jyoti Patel, Std

I regularly get up at 3am and work in the milk agency

I live with my mom and sister at the Gujarat Ginning Mill near Premdarwaza. My father died when I was twelve years old. By then my mother and I had all the responsibilities at home. I earn a job in marketing to earn income and this year I have a board exam for 3, yet I get up at 8am every morning and work in our milk agency and prepare for the exam for 3 to 5 hours a day. I will illuminate the name of my family and school by bringing good percentages in Std. - Anish Agarwal, Std

I am preparing for the board examination along with the wedding kitchen work

I live with my mom and grandmother in the KP run of the Sabarmati area. My father died in Year 7. The responsibility for the home was higher with the study. Mom does other homework and I'm going to help. Apart from this, one gets 5 rupees in 5 hours in front of the kitchen for the wedding. I prepare for the exam for 3 to 5 hours a day. No tuition classes. My goal is to pass with a good mark because of good hard work. My goal is to do a job in the bank with more practice. -
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