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Ph.D.Entrance Exam Junagadh University 2019 Notification

Teacher means the future of the nation. The formation of the youth and the nation is in the hands of the teacher. Chanakya is quite right in saying that the teacher is not ordinary. Our Gujarati education and literature world has received such an expensive and noble personality. In the form of Pratap Pandya. If the person who has made a valuable contribution to the field of Gujarati literature in the literature world is going to list special names, Dr. Pratap Pandya's name comes to the forefront with glee.
January 23, 1955, the majestic dawn with the golden rays of the sun. On this day, 65% passed the PTC examination in the school examination of Amreli Primary School. With the aim of sharing his knowledge in the field of education, he reached the folk-lore, cutting off the footsteps of the people. The native Shankarabhai Bhatt awakened from where Pratapbhai Bankade was sleeping and asked for the purpose of coming to Lokbharati. At that time, Pratapbhai expressed his desire to join Lokbharati, giving his identity. Mulashankarbhai grabbed Pratapbhai's finger with his father's warmth and affection, and inspired Pratapbhai to follow the path of education and literature. Inspired by the culture and special etiquette of Lokbharati, Pratapbhai joined Lokbharata as a teacher and provided his education in remote villages of Saurashtra. Going forward, Pratapbhai also received numerous awards and honors for serving his true teacher community.
On the other hand, Pratapbhai Pandya was felicitated by Gujarat University for his fondness of reading and studying his book. He received a PhD from Ahmedabad for his dissertation on 'The importance of human values ​​in folk literature'. Thus, in 2001, Mr. Pratapbhai Pandya got his PhD degree at the age of 63. Dr. Pratapbhai became known as Pandya.

His relationship with Vadodara, a city of culture and culture, is quite different and unique. For Pratapbhai, Vadodara is a culture of retirement as well as a city of veterans, where there is a distinct style of art and literature-rituals that are surrounded by various congregations of senior citizens and fun events.

After he settled in Vadodara, he came in contact with the Gujarat Library Board. Where he took up his creativity and unique book-reading hobby and approach, he became so intimately involved with literary writers, writers and educators that Pratap Pandya became known as 'Education Vid' with the help and cooperation of his friends. Most of the senior citizens' congregations started to recognize him as' Pandyadada '.

Honoring the literature-service and the hobby
Dr. Pratapbhai received various awards, including the Best Senior Citizen Award by the state of Gujarat, 'Gold Medal of Kavishree Dahyabhai Patel Sahitya Ratna' by Satyeshwar Mahatma Gandhi Foundation. Congregation, 'Award of the Best Man' by Vadodara, Honor by Lok Kala Foundation, Ahmedabad, Honor by Kutch Literature Meeting, Lion's Andhkadhya Vidyalaya, Honor by Vadodara as Trustee, Roshobhai, Honor by 'Uttam Brahmin' by Gujarat Gujarat Brahma Samaj. Award for Literary Service in Angels (AJA) from the Gujarati Community of Jersey City (AJA)
Dr. Morariibapu's Varda hand honors and many such honors. Pratap Pandya got it.
But Dr. Pratap Pandya has become a leading figure in his book 'Parab'. He came close to the literary writers of Vadodara and became a very active member of literary institutions like Akshara, Ghazalsabha, Granth Gosthi, Premanand Sahitya Sabha, Shabdetu. On the other hand, due to his interest in literature, he was made president of the Gujarat Library by the Gujarat Library. Going forward, he launched the formal 'Book Parab' in 2006. He started a unique literary career under the activities of Parab, giving free books to all over Gujarat. On the other hand, those who wish to start a library at home give a gift of up to Rs 5000 books and start a 'home library'. His 'home library' activity was so popular and popular that today a total of 120 'home libraries' were started in Bhavnagar, Vadodara, Amreli, Rajkot, Junagadh, Surendranagar and Gandhinagar districts. Extreme effort and relentless service. This special initiative of Pratap Pandya first made great efforts to ensure that the best literature is read and integrated with life in Gujarat and in Gujarati families, and has become very successful today.
Dr. Pratapbhai Pandya recalled one of the lessons learned in Lokbharati, 'If the society has given you a lot, then it becomes an obligation to pay the debt of the society.' The quirkiness of writing has become a distinct personality that connects newcomers to experienced writers whose mothers They are probably enlist the writing and have written an entire volume flow into the inexhaustible flow uninterrupted heated mentors and sabdagangano.
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