Friday, 15 November 2019

Bhashadeep Module Std.5 Download PDF File | Vachan abhiyan 2019

A reading campaign is set to begin tomorrow in the state. Later on, the Education Department also realized that the students have little grasp in the Gujarati language. More than 80% of the students have difficulty in reading and writing the Gujarati language. All students from standard 3 to 8 will be joined under the campaign, 38 lakh students from the state will join the campaign tomorrow.The education department has started a reading campaign in elementary school from Std-4 to Std. According to a circular made by the District Primary Education Officer by the GCERT, as per the decision made by the Department of Education, this year the reading campaign for the students' reading comprehension skills development has been started from Std. The teachers, principals, BRCs, CRC coordinators, education inspectors etc.have been trained in this regard during the teleconference.
Since the beginning of the reading campaign to conduct oral language-based activities for one month, his booklet has been prepared and sent in a copy by SSA through GCERT. This booklet has reached every school. And every teacher in Std-1 to Std-8 needs to make sure that his / her copy is available.In the second phase of the reading campaign, reading and other activities will be carried out from the second session on November 1.
All activities of the reading campaign and the implementation of the classroom which the class teacher of that standard would have to do according to his or her own convenience.
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