Sunday, 3 November 2019

Binsachivalay Clerk Exam model paper 200 marks - Paper no.7

Due to unemployment, there are thousands of youths applying for jobs in any company. Today, a written test was conducted by the Central Gujarat Electricity Company for the post of Electricity Assistant (Junior Engineer). General Chat Chat Lounge Only 4 candidates came for the examination for the post. The company was given the responsibility of taking the exam by MS Company.Not only Vadodara and Central Gujarat, but candidates from all over Gujarat appeared for the exam. Will be called and five of them will be given jobs.

Electricity company authorities have claimed that the exam was conducted in a peaceful manner. On July 7, the State Examination Board conducted a test to check the eligibility test for secondary teachers across the state. In which more than 1.5 lakh candidates appeared for the examination. The examination board had complained of leakage of paper and on which the police investigation was underway. The leak has been proved and due to which the order of the government has canceled the previous examination by the State Examination Board and now all the subjects of Gujarati medium will be retaken in December-January.

As many as 1.8 lakh candidates were registered from all over the state for the TAT exam and in which the written examination of more than 1.5 lakh candidates in more than 5 subjects in English, Hindi and Gujarati media took place in the main cities of the state on July 5th from noon to 7th. The Examination Board was complaining that the paper of this exam was conducted one day of examination in Aravalli district.

In which about two and a half months after the exam, it came out that the paper was actually leaked and the paper was leaked by WhatsApp at 1.5 minutes in the morning of the day when the exam was to begin. According to the police investigation, the paper was turned over from mobile. Since he was caught from Mobile
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