Wednesday, 13 November 2019

CRC Exam Result PDF 2019 with candidate Name

In case the locksmith examiner is stuck, a police help desk will work to bring him to the examination center.The police commissioner said that due to the marathon, no problem for the examiners has been organized enough. At this route, there are 3 schools for locker exam.The five-kilometer marathon is expected to be completed by late 9am. In case, however, the examiner will be stuck in any case, a police help desk has been kept in it.Police commissioners and high police officers also met with the ST department and a total of 12 pickup points have been raised for most of Vadodara's candidates from Ahmedabad and Kheda, Nadiad and Anand. Is. Yashpal Farrar, the main accused in Vadodara involved in the leakage of the papers of the locksmith recruitment board, is absconding, but another accused in the case, Manhar Patel, had set up a watch yesterday to expedite Vadodara district. General Chat Chat Lounge
It is worth mentioning that before the examination was conducted for the recruitment of lockers in the police department all over the state, the chairman of the locksmith recruitment board announced that the examination was postponed. In the police investigation, the names of some of the accused came out and the entire state police had to keep a private watch to arrest them.

After the crime was registered in the Gandhinagar district police against the five accused late in the evening, the procedure for arrest of all was made intensive. The crime branch and the ATS team alerted the police of the city and district of central Gujarat to speed up the location of one of the accused Manhar Ranchod Patel's location at Arjunwav in Aravalli district. Manhar Patel's location The police approaching Kalyanpura in Savali taluka of Vadodara district conducted an investigation in that direction but managed to escape.
But in the end, the police succeeded in robbing Manhar Patel from Jarod-Khandha village in Waghodia taluka.
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