Monday, 18 November 2019

Granted Secondary School Bharti Jagyaonu list 2019

The had announced the recruitment of academic staff but since then controversy over the roster method was pending, and now the central government will issue a mandate to apply reservation by number and according to this order and 3 percent economic reserves will be processed again.
It has been 2 years since the founding of GTU and GTU is the largest government university in the state yet there is no permanent academic staff. After granting the government land to GTU, it is now required to get a certificate from the UGC with a 2B certificate but for that it is necessary to have a minimum education staff. Processed for academic recruitment with professors. However, formerly GTUA staff But the process was stopped amid controversy of applying reservation in subject-matter space instead of applying reservation as per the total number, during which the Center has now declared an order against the Supreme Court verdict. Reserves will be applied.
Recruitment process will be done according to this constitution and according to 5% financial reserve applied by the central government and advertisement will be made for requesting again. It is important that GTU does not have permanent staff. At present, not only the staff of GTU should have as many staff as non-academic and academic. As such, there is a big problem and on the other hand, the government does not approve the staffing. After granting land recently, the application will also be applied for accreditation at UGCMunich. The school board's 9-place recruitment process disputes a sudden cancellation
- Examination of the Madhya Pradesh Govt. And Supervisor
- The advertisement was given without the prior approval of the Commissioner.Ahmedabad Muni The school board is vacant for 8. Procedure including written examination of the place of Administrative Officer, Assistant Government Officer and five supervisors. There has been controversy over the sudden cancellation of Commissioner Vijay Nehra.
             Since the Commissioner's pre-approval was not given on the examination, it is posed that 5% of the questions in the examination were false and some transaction allegations have occurred.
In this regard, a senior official said that since 6 vacancies have been vacant, action was taken to fill it in the first five but due to lack of sufficient candidates, the process was canceled. The result of the exam was not revealed. Subsequently, the proceedings were re-conducted in the 5th, in which there were applications of six candidates against 5 seats, which were held in July.
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