Thursday, 21 November 2019

Ph.D.Entrance Exam Junagadh university- Hal ticket

It is imperative to pass the NET (National Eligibility Test) exam to become a lecturer or to get a scholarship as a Junior Research Fellow.The examination is conducted in June and December every year. At present, more than five lakh candidates from five subjects of science appeared in the examination conducted in June. A total of 5 candidates have passed the exam in the recently declared result, of which MS University of Science. Nine students from the faculty's meth department are also included.Never before has so many students passed the net exams from any of the departments of the university. Of those who have passed the exam, two have qualified for junior research fellowships and 5 students have been qualified for junior research fellowships.Four students from the mat
hematics department also passed the net examination in the year of 4 and in the year of 4. NSUI filed an application demanding a fair inquiry into the matter as the rule should not be performed at the time of examination. So the candidates also showed their anger at the Sector-1 library.

Gujarat Non-Service Clerk Examination was conducted recently by Gujarat Secondary Service Commission. Millions of candidates from across the state took the exam. During the examination of the non-secretarial clerk, it was revealed that there was malpractice in Surendranagar's center.
                            Thus, the candidates who have been exposed to malpractices in the exams have also become angry and in the past many times the paper leaks have occurred in competing examinations. On the other hand, if there is an impartial inquiry into the malpractice in the examination, then on the other hand, the dark question of this malpractices However, he fell into the field of candidates appearing for the reading in the library of Sector-1 and protested. A large number of candidates were present.

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