Saturday, 16 November 2019

TAT Higher Secondary Bharti Jaherat Declare

The condition of PTC-TAT-2 pass candidates has become a scandal when the state government has not been recruiting for the vacancy of vacant teachers posts in the state from last year. Only four thousand teachers have been recruited during the last ten years. But a number of PTC pass candidates have been waiting for recruitment and sat on the rally at Satyagraha camp, protesting against the government's policies.Candidates rally with the demand to recruit 3,000 students in Std.Despite the shortage of teachers in the primary schools in the state for the last several years, the PTC passed candidates have been found to be useless if the government does not carry out any planning. 
On the one hand, the government spends millions of rupees on education. But it is also doing injustice to the students by not recruiting enough staff to get the required education. For the vacant posts in Class-I to Class-I, PTC Tat-2 pass submissions have been made by the candidates for the last several years but they are also doing injustice to these candidates by not recruiting. During the last ten years, five teachers have been recruited by the government. There are still more than three thousand teachers in schools. Thus, the state government did not recruit the teachers from Class-I to Class-I and the PTC Tat-2 pass candidates also got angry.
Apart from the public libraries in Gujarat, the libraries have been vacant for many years at the universities and schools and colleges have not been filled. More than 3,000 vacancies have been vacated by the Government and Grant Schools colleges and Government Universities together. On this issue, a large number of candidates studying Library Science will gather at Gandhinagar tomorrow and make a presentation to the Chief Minister.

Currently there are more than 3,000 candidates who have completed their Master's Degree in Library Science subject as well as Net-Slate pass and PhD. However, the Government does not recruit candidates for Library Science candidates. After 9th, the recruitment of librarians has not only been done while the government and grant colleges have been providing 8th Sathi not be admitted. Currently, more than 3,000 places of libraries are vacant in schools, colleges and universities in the state. In particular, many government universities do not have a permanent librarian for years. Work is done with the in-charge librarian.

In addition, according to a report, there are no libraries in more than 3 schools in the state. While there are no libraries or recruitment in various public libraries of the state government and trustees. And more than 6 students who have studied Master of Library Science and beyond Edavaro gandhinagarama sought to be admitted to the severity of the presentation of the issue to the Chief Minister and Education karasetyarabada demonstrations with banners at the old secretariat
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