Friday, 15 November 2019

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In the debate on the appropriation bill in the Legislative Assembly, Gyasuddin Sheikh, MLA of Daripur constituency, raised the issue of reopening of closed government schools. Taking part in the discussion, they said that new schools were not started by the government to boost education in the state but government schools were closed to encourage private schools. In the last five years, the state government has closed 73 government schools and 96 schools in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

Gyasuddin Shaikh said that the teachers of the government schools are kept busy in other activities besides education, which has a direct impact on the education of the students. There are not enough teachers in government schools. There is a shortage of 9,943 teachers in the government primary schools and those teachers who have other jobs also have the opposite effect on the education of the students. Government teachers should be adequately recruited and trained as government employees in the same institution as SPIPA.
96 schools of Urdu, Marathi and Sindhi are closed in Ahmedabad city. There should be a sincere effort to encourage and re-energize extracurricular schools, including Urdu. If Urdu, Marathi and Sindhi schools, including Gujarati, are not available to students and parents are demanded, then closed schools should be started in English medium.

An English medium school has been started in the name of Kalupur English Public School. About 850 students enrolled in Kalupur English Public School this year. Sheikh said that today the education model of Delhi government has become the norm throughout the country. In Delhi, today, all the facilities, including international-level infrastructure in the government schools, are leaving public private schools and taking admission in government schools so that quality education is available.
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