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Agreeculture univercity clerk exam Answer key decalre

The new recruitment process by the government in the secondary and higher secondary schools in the state is perhaps considered as the largest recruitment of such a large number of simultaneous. Thousands of seats have been recruited.But this time around 8,000 seats will be recruited simultaneously, sources in the education department say. Importantly, the appointments of retired teachers will also be covered in this recruitment on October 5th. The recruitment process for teachers and principals has been centralized in primary schools and high schools. It has to pass the TAT-2 exam for the teachers of standard I and II and pass the TAT-2 exam for standard 1-5.

The Teacher Aptitude Test (TAT) examination and recruitment process was started from year-1. So far, a total of 3 teachers were enrolled in the high school three times a year, 3, 4 and 5. About 3,000 seats were recruited in all three stages. For this, the school commissioner's office also circulated on Monday to send the details of vacant seats from different districts by September 7th.
Under section 4 (1), the Assessing Officer has been empowered to seek notice of the following particulars and documents, for the purpose of completing the assessment in the case of a taxpayer under the Income-tax Act: (2) If the taxpayer does not file his income tax return within the timeframe mentioned under section 3 (1), in such case he may ask the taxpayer to file such return before the assessment year ends. (2) The Assessing Officer may, if necessary, furnish the accounts or documents to be presented to him. (2) The Assessing Officer may ask to submit written information as well as the statement of the taxpayer's assets and liabilities (all details included in the taxpayer's accounts), of course, before seeking details of the assets or liabilities not included in the taxpayer's accounts. 

                                       The Assessing Officer will have to obtain the prior permission of his Joint Commissioner. It has also been provisioned that the Assessing Officer may not be able to demand accounts for a period of more than three years prior to the previous year. In addition to this, a provision has been made under section 4 (1) that the Assessing Officer may make all inquiries and inquiries as may be necessary to obtain complete information regarding the income or loss of the taxpayer. Can the Assessing Officer issue an order to audit the taxpayer's accounts? In accordance with the provisions of Sections 1 (2A) to (2D), if the Assessing Officer feels that it is necessary to audit the taxpayer's accounts in view of the facts of the taxpayer's case and the complexity of the accounts and in the interest of the Income Tax Department, the Assessing Officer shall be appointed by the Income Tax Commissioner. Audit to the taxpayer by his accredited Chartered Accountant for a maximum period of six months. Mbandhi be able to give order to obtain a qualified audit report. Of course, there has also been a provision in this regard that, without giving the taxpayer an opportunity to make an appearance in this regard, the Assessing Officer may not order the taxpayer to audit his accounts. In such a case the remuneration for auditing a chartered accountant, as determined by the Income Tax Commissioner, will be payable to the taxpayer. 
                              With regard to the timeframe set out under Article 1 of Completion of Assessment, it has also been provisioned that the time taken to audit the taxpayer's accounts may be extended to complete the assessment. The taxpayer should be given a chance to be heard if the information collected is used for assessment purposes! Any information collected by the Assessing Officer on the basis of Audit Audit under Section 3 (1) or (2A) in accordance with the provisions of Section 4 (1), if the Assessing Officer is to be used for the purpose of assessing the taxpayer, in which case the officer may be liable for hearing to the taxpayer. The opportunity of being heard should be given.
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