Sunday, 29 December 2019

Check list of what the school inspector will do at the school

Taking the lead in the holistic and holistic development of the child, this shrine of Morbi is providing the leadership of the education world. In which, the meeting of the carriage brothers was organized at Saraswati Shishumandir-Shakat Shanala by coordinating with the guardian in the school itself, in which guidance was given to the school drivers by the RTO Inspector Shingala and also informed about the rules of the vehicle.

A total of 45 vehicle drivers were present at the meeting and were obliged to follow the instructions given by the RTO Inspector. Vice President of Vidyalaya and President of Morbi District Traffic Education Trust, Jayantibhai Rajkotya, Administrator Deepakbhai Vadalia, Principal Tusharbhai,

 Vishnubhai Vidja and Inspector Dineshbhai were present in the program. All the 18 government primary schools in Navsari city will be equipped with CCTV. The work has been approved by the executive committee of the municipality. In Navsari, there are 18 primary schools owned by the Municipal Education Board. These include the Kumar school, the girls' school, the mixed school. Std in these schools. Up to 8 educational institutions are run and more than 3500 children study.
Government-Granted CCTVs have not been set up here till today when children with normal economic status are studying in these primary schools. As a result, many questions, including the safety of children, are causing concern. In view of these reasons, it has now been decided to place CCTV in all the 18 primary schools here
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