Thursday, 12 December 2019

GPSC Exam New Syllabus Download PDF File

A preliminary examination was conducted at 920 centers in 32 districts of the state
on Sunday for recruitment of 154 seats of Deputy Mamlatdar and Deputy Section Officer of GPSC, of ​​which 55 per cent of the students are present. However, 95% of the 200 marks are based on GCERT textbooks, experts say.Over the past few years, more questions have been asked from textbooks for competitive exams, so that candidates now rely more on textbooks than reference books for private publishing. The course declared by the GPSC also covers the issues of textbooks. For the examination of Deputy Mamlatdar and Deputy Section Officer, 2.34 lakh candidates have registered for the examination. This year, the cutoff is likely to go higher as the number of candidates is higher and the number of absentees is lower than the last recruit. There will be more competition among the candidates. After the results of the preliminary examination, the main examination will be held.

Economics policy questions were difficult for the examiners
Questions about economics and government policies remain tough. At the same time, the questions posed in the science were difficult. Overall paper is easy for candidates who are regularly preparing.
The paper on which the post will be recruited was prepared
Exam paper was up to 95% textbook based. For candidates who have prepared in-depth topics, the paper may have been easier, as the main topic in the paper was to turn around sub-topics. In addition to this, the paper on which the recruitment was made was made in accordance with the paper. The cut-off of preliminary can go up to 90 marks.
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