Monday, 23 December 2019

GSET Exam Hall ticket 2019 Declare

Non-passable candidates are appearing for the local exam, but the deadline for when to take the exam is not fixed.- Non-passable candidates are appearing for the local exam but no time limit is available for taking the exam.- Government says filling up of vacant posts of professors but difficulty in getting sufficient number of candidates who pass net-set
The National Eligibility Test is conducted at the national level to become a professor in various universities and colleges of the country. Similarly, Gujarat State Eligibility Test is conducted at the local level. The net is taken twice a year. Against this, locally-held 'GSAT' is facing huge difficulty for the candidates as there is no regular taking once a year.

The central government has made the net mandatory for candidates who wish to become professors. Candidates have to pass the net with a PhD. Millions of candidates pass the test despite the fact that the level of net taken at the national level is even tougher. Due to this kind of situation, the net pass candidates are not available despite the shortage of professors in different universities and colleges in the country. To solve such problem, it is decided to take Gujarat State Eligibility Test at the local level. This Geset is organized by Maharaja Sayajirao University (Vadodara). The NET exam is now conducted by the National Testing Agency. The central government is constantly trying to ensure that the candidates can better appear in the NET examination. On the other hand, there is uncertainty as to when a locally-sourced GSet will be taken. Thousands of candidates who are unable to pass the net of the state are preparing for the GSET. But no date has been announced as to when and when the GSAT will be taken. According to the candidates, the website was shut down some time ago. Currently the website is running but there is no mention of the exam.

Candidates try to contact Giset's office or the given phone number, but do not answer. When the government announces to fill the vacancies in colleges, there is currently no arrangement for candidates who cannot pass the net when they are asked to take the exam to pass the GSAT.
The GSAT is not even announced in September!
The gesset is usually taken every year in September. Candidates say the process has been completed in July-August for the examinations taking place in September. No such action has been started yet this year. Due to this, there is also a dilemma as to whether or not the GSET will be taken this year.
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