Thursday, 26 December 2019

MGVCL Vidyut sahayak Bharti Notification 2019

Central Gujarat electricity company Padra Division-1 was repeatedly scouring the power supply, and people protested against the power company.Padra is the head of the power supply of Central Gujarat Electricity Company Division-I. It has not rained that there is not a single day of electricity gulch in the padar that the power supply has not been lost on that day. People who have been suffering from frequent problems of power supply for the past several days have rallied Saturday night at Padar Electricity Company. And the allegations were loud. 
People also complained that if the power supply was complained about by phone, the phone would not be removed. So that the angry people started shouting at the power company and made allegations that at one time the employee of the power company's Complaint Center was besieged. Disgruntled people also shouted slogans against the power company, even in villages of taluka, even in many areas of Padra city, ..

In Division-I, after repeatedly losing power supply, people started shouting against the power company.In Gutch-village in Kutch, where the wind is visible and there is a raging debate on the environment through it, on Sunday, a power company in Jadodar (Kotada) village near Nakhtrana conducted a land measuring work with police protection. There was a riot between the villagers who went to the place of the village, claiming that the land was for the village's pasture.
Village Sarpana Samaja Abdullah Hussein said that the measurements were started by the DILR office officials after receiving the police protection despite the government holiday day today by the Power Grid Corporation of India. People were rushed to the spot where the news was made and at one point stopped work.
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