Saturday, 28 December 2019

Railway Bharti Jaherat Full Notification Download PDF

Railways will become the first government department to provide 5 percent reservation to the poor in the general category. The Minister of Railways, Piyush Goyal, will be given 2.5 jobs in the general category in the next two years.He said that the Railways will recruit 1.5 lakh employees in the next six months and will recruit one lakh more employees in the next two years.It is worth mentioning that the Indian Railways has a total of 6,7,6 employees. Out of which, 1,3,2 spaces are empty.Currently, the process of recruiting 1,3,3 employees is under way. 

However, even after this, 1,3,2 spaces will remain vacant.It is worth mentioning that, in the Railways, 3-5 employees and 5-6 employees will be retired. As a result, one lakh more vacancies will be vacated.

Goel said the railway plans to provide four lakh jobs in the next two years.He further said that as we have planned in advance, there will be no vacancy in the railway. Whenever the vacancy is vacated due to retirement, the space will be filled immediately.Providing ten percent reservation to the poor of the general category will not affect the reserves currently available to SC, ST and OBC.
A team of police has left for Delhi to find the main source of recruitment scam, named after the Rail Recruitment Board.

In the name of Shriji Education, a computer class running in the name of Shreeji Education in the Sunrise Complex at Vrindavan Road near Vrindavan Road, a scam was being carried out. Bogus exam question paper, bogus merit list, bogus call letter un He captured other literature.
Details of the gang were seized by the gang in the above chapter with 4 candidates. The mastermind of the scam has been sent to Delhi to find out his contact locations.
Police have submitted proposals for the victim's candidates, which have been forwarded to Bapod police for further investigation into the aforementioned scam by SOG.
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