Wednesday, 11 December 2019

TAT Bharti Higher Secondary General Merit list Declare

The recruitment process of the total number of well-paid education assistants found in the Granted Secondary Schools and 3 in the Higher Secondary Schools will be undertaken from 5-4-6.Notified dates have been announced for the recruitment process stages and procedures in the state government secondary and higher secondary schools. As per this, the candidates will be able to revise the online application forms till 3-4-8. Based on the details filled out by the candidates, Provisional Merit List-1 (PML-1) will be published on 3rd-5th-3rd. The document verification process of the candidates included in the PML-1 will be conducted on 7th-8th.
Based on the document verification, the Provisional Merit List-2 (PML-2) will be published on 7th-9th. If there are any objections to the candidates regarding merit, objection requests can be made by the date of submission.Based on the objection requests, the waiting list will be prepared upto 6 th-8 th according to the available and subject-wise selection list and 95% of the vacancies.
                      The online selection process of the candidates who have been included in the selection list will be conducted from 3-4-5am to 9.30am-3pm. Candidates will be given a letter of recommendation for the place as per the selection of the place on the date of 3-4-2014. Candidates who have received the letter of recommendation will have to contact the concerned District Education Officer for the appointment order by the date of 3-5-6 June to obtain the appointment order. Candidates who have received the appointment order will have to attend Day-2 in the respective school.
Chief Justice of the state rejecting writ petition filed by students seeking admission to medical in the Gujarat High Court. Subhash Reddy and Justish Bipul Pancholi said, "Due to the good percentage, the divorced student cannot get admission in medical." The Divya students who petitioned in the Gujarat High Court demanded that despite their name in the merits of the general students, their disability was between 40 and 80 percent and they were not given admission in the medical. In this regard, the High Court also heard the competent authorities admitting to the medical. After hearing all the parties, the Gujarat High Court ruled that the system has the authority to determine the extent and type of disability of a divorced student and on the basis of which they can get admission in MBBS. Just because their name is included in the merit list does not qualify them for admission to MBBS. It is worth mentioning here that, despite the government rule for reserving up to 3 per cent seats for the disabled in the medical field, there is still a feeling of dissatisfaction with the students as to why they have not received admission in this reserved quota, the possibility of students taking the matter to the Supreme Court. Is.

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