Sunday, 15 December 2019

The Junior Clark Exam Question Paper 2019 taken by BMC 15.12.2019

The number of educated unemployed in the state has increased so that the unemployed youth are applying for jobs which do not fit their qualifications, but the less unemployed unemployed are being hit twice. Something like this has happened in the recruitment of 4 conductors of Gujarat State Transport Corporation (GSRTC). As many as 1.5 lakh unemployed have applied for 2 vacancies so that the GSRTC has prepared merit on the basis of standard 1, 2 and graduation so that 3 thousand applicants have been excluded from merit while more than 3,000 applicants for conductor will give written examination. Thus now the graph of unemployment has been raised to become a conductor only if there is a bachelor's degree. Previously GSRTC buses considered only qualification for Std-1 to get a conductor job, but now the number of unemployed has increased so that graduates, postgraduate, aspirated candidates are also applying for the conductor so that GSRTC is currently recruiting 4 conductors for academic qualification. 

The approach was selected. The candidates will appear in the written examination for tomorrow, 5,3 candidates. Candidates who have passed standard-1 argue that, according to the principle of natural justice, if they have the academic qualification of the standard-2 pass, they too need to be given a chance of a written test but this system has been closed for three years.

Not after Chance of Conductor Certificate Experts believe that direct recruitment of millions of youths in the state is lacking or being lazy. It was previously believed that only those who were less educated were getting the Fidelity Certificate of Conductor, but now the youngsters are getting the Fidelity Certificate of Conductor if they do not get a job, that is, after graduating and getting their Masters degree. Similar jobs are not available soon so they are ready to become conductors. Government alchemy to accommodate unemployed with more educational qualifications anywhere The government has so many educated unemployed that it is putting higher qualifications even in low-paying jobs to accommodate it.

One of the important tasks of a conductor is to pass a passenger ticket and fill out a chart. What is the graduation requirement for? Can a candidate who has just received primary education also do this job? But here is the matter of elementary education, the candidates of standard 1 and 2 are given an advantage only. Because, unemployed candidates who have studied graduation also fill out the form, their merit automatically exceeds the standard.
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